Alex Zhang Art

Alex Zhang Art

Alex Zhang Art

Alex Zhang is a contemporary Chinese artist who is known for his unique style of abstract art. His art has been exhibited around the world, and it has gained him considerable attention in both the art and design worlds. He is known for his innovative use of colour and texture, and his works often feature strong geometric shapes and lines. His signature style is characterized by bold, vibrant colours and dynamic compositions.


Zhang's inspiration comes from many sources, including his Chinese culture, music, and nature. He is particularly influenced by traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, as well as modern art movements such as Cubism and Constructivism. He also takes inspiration from his travels, and his works often incorporate elements of the places he has visited.


Zhang's works are usually painted using acrylic paints and mixed media techniques. He often combines traditional Chinese techniques such as calligraphy and painting with modern materials such as digital printing and spray paint, to create a unique visual style. He also uses digital tools to create intricate patterns and textures.

Notable Works

One of Zhang's most notable works is his piece entitled "Rainbow Over Beijing". This piece was created using mixed media techniques and incorporates elements of traditional Chinese art, as well as modern digital tools. The piece is a vibrant and colorful abstract landscape, depicting a vibrant and dynamic cityscape.


Alex Zhang is a contemporary Chinese artist who has gained considerable attention for his unique and innovative art. His works often feature bold colours and geometric shapes, and he takes inspiration from many sources including traditional Chinese art, music and nature. His technique often combines traditional and modern materials and techniques, and his most notable work is "Rainbow Over Beijing".