Black Butts Com

Black Butts Com

What is Black Butts Com?

Black Butts Com is a professional writing platform designed to give people of color an opportunity to showcase their work. The platform was created by two American writers, with the mission of creating an online space exclusively for work by people of color. It was created in response to the lack of representation of people of color in the publishing world.

How Does Black Butts Com Work?

Black Butts Com is a submission-based platform, where writers can submit their work for consideration. The platform curates a selection of submitted pieces and publishes them on their website. Writers must adhere to submission guidelines, which include adhering to a word count, using American English, and providing a brief biography. Writers are also encouraged to provide a title, tagline, and image for their work.

Why is Black Butts Com Important?

Black Butts Com is an important platform for people of color, as it provides an opportunity for their voices to be heard. The platform promotes visibility of work by people of color, which is often underrepresented in the publishing world. It also creates a community of writers, providing a space for them to collaborate and support one another.


Black Butts Com is a professional writing platform that provides an opportunity for people of color to showcase their work. It is a valuable platform for promoting visibility and creating a community of writers. By providing a platform for people of color to share their work, Black Butts Com is helping to create a more inclusive writing landscape.