Calvary Chapel Vancouver Wa

Calvary Chapel Vancouver Wa

Calvary Chapel Vancouver WA: A Church for Everyone

Calvary Chapel Vancouver WA is a vibrant, multicultural church located in the heart of Vancouver. Founded in 2013, this church is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and is a place of refuge and renewal for all who come. Calvary Chapel provides a welcoming environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience the love of God and grow in their faith.

A Community of Believers

Calvary Chapel is a place to come together and worship. On Sundays, the church offers a traditional worship service, Bible study, and fellowship. In addition, Calvary Chapel offers a variety of programs and events throughout the year that allow members to connect with each other and serve the community.


At Calvary Chapel, there are ministries for men, women, children, and young adults. These ministries provide the opportunity to serve and grow in the knowledge of God. From Bible studies to outreach programs, Calvary Chapel offers a variety of ways to get involved in the church and serve the community.


The mission of Calvary Chapel Vancouver WA is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the community. The church is committed to helping people grow in their faith and to living out the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives.

Ways to Connect

Calvary Chapel Vancouver WA invites everyone to come and experience the love of God. To learn more, visit the church website at or follow them on social media.