Flap Book Template

Flap Book Template

What is a Flap Book Template?

A flap book template is a type of book that features a folded page or pages that open up to reveal an illustration or surprise. Flap books often feature illustrations on the outside of the fold that are connected to the illustration or surprise on the inside. They are often used in classrooms to teach children about different topics or to explain complex concepts.

How Does a Flap Book Template Work?

A flap book template is fairly simple to use. The template typically includes two pages - one of which will contain the illustration or surprise and the other page which will contain the fold. The fold is usually made from cardstock or other sturdy material. Once the fold is complete, the two pages are then glued together. The illustration or surprise is then placed on the inside of the fold.

Benefits of Using a Flap Book Template

A flap book template has several benefits. First, it allows the reader to interact with the book in a more engaging way. Through the fold, they can reveal the surprise or illustration. This helps to keep the reader's attention longer. Second, it provides an easy way to explain a complex topic to children. By folding the page, the teacher can show the different components of the topic in an easy-to-understand way. Finally, it is an economical way to create a book; the template can be printed and reused multiple times.


A flap book template is a great way to create an engaging book for children or to explain complex topics. It allows the reader to interact with the book in an engaging way and makes it easier to explain concepts to children. Additionally, it is an economical way to create books as the template can be reused multiple times.