Oxford Group 6 Steps

Oxford Group 6 Steps

What is the Oxford Group and their 6 Steps?

The Oxford Group is a Christian movement that began in the early 1900s. It was founded by Frank Buchman and aimed to bring people closer to God and each other. The Oxford Group's 6 steps are designed to help people come to terms with their flaws and lead more fulfilling lives.

1. Admit Powerlessness

The first step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to admit powerlessness. This means acknowledging that life is out of our control and that only God can provide us with the strength and solutions to our problems. By accepting this powerlessness, we can turn to God for guidance and help.

2. Acknowledge a Higher Power

The second step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to acknowledge a higher power. This means understanding and accepting that there is a higher power at work in our lives. We need to open up to this power and accept that we can’t do things on our own. We must turn to God for help and guidance.

3. Surrender to God’s Will

The third step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to surrender to God's will. This means recognizing and accepting that God's will for us is the best course of action. We must let go of our own desires and accept that God knows what is best for us.

4. Make a Moral Inventory

The fourth step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to make a moral inventory. This means taking a look at our lives and examining our beliefs and values. We need to be honest with ourselves and identify any areas where we may be struggling or falling short.

5. Confess Our Wrongs

The fifth step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to confess our wrongs. This means recognizing and admitting our mistakes and shortcomings. We must be willing to take responsibility for our actions and confess our wrongs to God and others.

6. Make Amends

The sixth and final step of the Oxford Group's 6 steps is to make amends. This means taking action to make up for our wrongs and rectify any harm we may have caused. We must be willing to apologize and make an effort to restore relationships that may have been damaged.


The Oxford Group's 6 steps are an effective way to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. By following these steps, we can come to terms with our flaws and learn to accept God's will for our lives. Making a moral inventory and confessing our wrongs can be difficult, but the rewards of doing so can be immense. Ultimately, the Oxford Group's 6 steps can help us to lead better, more meaningful lives.