Seattle Against Slavery

Seattle Against Slavery

Seattle's Fight Against Slavery

The city of Seattle, Washington has been at the forefront of the fight against slavery in America. From the early days of the abolitionist movement to the modern day struggle against human trafficking, Seattle has stood up for what is right and fought for freedom and justice.

The Early Days of Abolitionism in Seattle

Seattle was founded in 1851 by settlers from the East Coast, including some who had previously been involved in the Underground Railroad. In the years that followed, Seattle's commitment to fighting slavery was evident. In 1853, a group of citizens formed the Seattle Anti-Slavery Society and began organizing protests against the sale of slaves in the city.

The Civil War and the End of Slavery

During the Civil War, Seattle was a major hub for the Union Army, providing supplies and resources to the effort to end slavery in America. After the war ended, the city moved quickly to ensure that all former slaves were granted the same rights and privileges as other citizens. In 1866, Seattle's citizens voted to abolish slavery in the state and the Seattle Anti-Slavery Society disbanded.

Modern Day Fight Against Slavery

Despite the end of legal slavery in America, the fight against it is far from over. In recent years, Seattle has become a leader in the fight against modern-day slavery. The city is home to organizations such as Free the Slaves and Not For Sale, both of which are dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Seattle's Role in the Struggle for Freedom

Seattle's commitment to fighting slavery has been a part of the city's history for many years. This commitment has not only helped to end slavery in the United States, but it has also contributed to the global fight against modern-day slavery. Today, Seattle continues to be at the forefront of the struggle for freedom, and the city's citizens are proud to be part of the fight.