Shane And Friends Video Podcast Free

Shane And Friends Video Podcast Free

Shane and Friends Video Podcast: A Closer Look

Shane and Friends is a popular video podcast in American English hosted by YouTube star Shane Dawson. The show features Shane and his friends discussing a variety of topics including YouTube, comedy, pop culture, and life in general. The podcast has been running since 2010, and since then it has gained a large following of fans who tune in to hear the latest interviews, reviews, and discussions.

What Makes Shane and Friends Unique?

Shane and Friends is unique in that it is one of the few podcasts hosted by a YouTube star. Shane Dawson has been creating content on YouTube since 2008 and is now one of the most popular personalities on the platform. He has amassed over 20 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 5 billion times. With Shane's popularity and the show's unique format, it's no wonder that Shane and Friends has become so successful.

The Format of Shane and Friends

Each episode of Shane and Friends is usually an hour long, and features Shane and one or two of his friends discussing various topics. Shane typically starts the show with a story or anecdote, then moves into a discussion with his guest. The topics of conversation vary, but they often involve YouTube, popular culture, and other aspects of everyday life.

The show also features interviews with special guests. These guests range from YouTube stars to actors, comedians, and other celebrities. Shane and his guest typically discuss their careers and personal lives, and Shane often shares stories and advice that his guests have shared with him.

Why Listen to Shane and Friends?

Shane and Friends is a great podcast for anyone who is interested in learning more about YouTube stars and celebrities. Shane is a natural storyteller, and his conversations with his guests are always engaging and entertaining. The show also provides a unique insight into the lives of YouTube stars, which can be helpful for aspiring content creators.

The show also offers a great opportunity to learn more about different aspects of pop culture, such as the latest trends in music, movies, and television. Shane and his guests often discuss the latest news and reviews, which can be helpful for anyone who is looking to stay up to date with the latest entertainment trends.

Where to Find Shane and Friends

Shane and Friends is available on many podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. The show is also available on YouTube, where episodes are typically released on Tuesdays.


Shane and Friends is a great podcast for anyone who is interested in learning more about YouTube, pop culture, and entertainment. The show provides an entertaining and informative look into the lives of YouTube stars and other celebrities. With its unique format and engaging conversations, Shane and Friends is sure to provide hours of entertainment and insight.