Susan Kovalik Lifeskills

Susan Kovalik Lifeskills

Susan Kovalik's Life Skills

Susan Kovalik is an American professional writer and a life skills coach. She is well-known for her expertise in helping individuals, families, and organizations reach their full potential. She is the author of the bestselling book, “The Science of Happiness: How to Live with Purpose and Joy.”

Coaching Services

Kovalik provides a variety of life skills coaching services, ranging from individual and family coaching to corporate and business coaching. She works with her clients to develop strategies and techniques to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Kovalik’s life skills coaching services include:

Career Planning

Kovalik helps her clients plan and navigate their career paths, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and find the best job for them. She also provides advice on how to stay motivated and overcome obstacles.

Financial Planning

Kovalik assists her clients with financial planning and budgeting. She helps them create a budget and plan for their future, as well as identify ways to save money.

Relationship Coaching

Kovalik is an experienced relationship coach. She helps her clients build stronger relationships, identify areas of improvement, and work through conflicts.

Stress Management

Kovalik works with her clients to manage their stress levels and create a healthier lifestyle. She helps them identify the sources of their stress and develop strategies to cope with it.


Susan Kovalik is an experienced life skills coach and professional writer. She provides a variety of services to help her clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Through her life skills coaching services, Kovalik assists her clients with career planning, financial planning, relationship coaching, and stress management.