Track Spike Covers

Track Spike Covers

What are Track Spike Covers?

Track spike covers are a protective covering for the spikes on the bottom of track and field shoes. These covers help reduce wear and tear on the spikes, as well as providing extra traction and comfort on the track. They are usually made of lightweight plastic or rubber, and are designed to fit snugly over the spikes, allowing the athlete to still feel the full effect of the spikes while protecting them.

Benefits of Track Spike Covers

Track spike covers offer several benefits for athletes. First and foremost, they protect the spikes from wear and tear, which can cause them to become loose and ineffective. Additionally, they provide extra traction and cushioning for athletes, which can help increase performance. Finally, they can also help reduce the risk of injury by providing extra cushioning between the athlete and the track.

Types of Track Spike Covers

There are several types of track spike covers available. The most common type is a plastic cover, which is lightweight and durable. There are also rubber covers, which are heavier and provide extra cushioning and traction. Finally, some covers feature a combination of plastic and rubber, which provides both protection and cushioning.


Track spike covers are a great way to protect the spikes on track and field shoes, while providing extra cushioning and traction. They are available in several different types, including plastic, rubber, and a combination of both. With the right type of cover, athletes can enjoy improved performance and reduced risk of injury.