Weedflower Chapter Summary

Weedflower Chapter Summary

Weedflower Summary

Weedflower is a coming-of-age story of a young girl named Miyax, who is of the Inuit-Yupik Eskimo culture. Born in Barrow, Alaska, Miyax is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in California when she is twelve years old. She struggles to adjust to her new life, and misses her family and friends in Barrow. Her only solace is found in the wildlife refuge near her aunt and uncle's home.

Part One: Barrow

Miyax is taken away from Barrow and sent to live with her aunt and uncle in California. She is sad, but also excited to experience a different culture and the modern conveniences of city life. She meets a kind old man, Dave, who shows her the ways of the wildlife refuge near her new home. At first, she is intimidated by the animals, but with Dave's guidance, Miyax slowly learns how to understand and care for the wildlife.

Part Two: California

Miyax's aunt and uncle are kind, but she feels like an outsider in their home. She is also distressed by the racism she faces in school. Eventually, Miyax finds solace in the wildlife refuge, where she forms strong relationships with the animals. She is able to apply the wisdom of her Inuit-Yupik culture to the wildlife she meets and learns to be independent.

Part Three: Alaska

Miyax eventually returns to Barrow, but finds it difficult to adjust to the culture shock of returning home. She is also unhappy with the changes that have occurred while she was away. She finds comfort in the wildlife refuge and her old friends, and eventually is able to reconcile her two worlds.


In Weedflower, Miyax's journey of self-discovery is a powerful exploration of identity, culture and home. Through her experiences in Barrow, California and back again, Miyax learns to accept and appreciate her Inuit-Yupik heritage and find her true self. In the end, she is able to reconcile the two worlds she inhabits and find peace in both.