1994 Polaris Sl 750 Fuel Pump

1994 Polaris Sl 750 Fuel Pump

1. Polaris 650 Jet ski Fuel Pump

Quick overview of the Polaris 650 fuel pump

2. 2 things to keep your polaris jet ski from blowing up.

No hate towards polaris here, they make some good motors. their jet skis just need some help to stay reliable.

3. Polaris SL 650 Fuel Pump Install

3 way fuel pump install vid

4. Polaris SL 650 Fuel System Layout

Fuel system layout

5. Polaris SL 650 Breakdown

6. 95 Polaris SLX 780, Starting Problems - Fuel Starvation, Any Suggestions

This a clip of me trying to turn over my Polaris SLX 780. As I say in the video, the engine seems to be starving for fuel. I have verified that the fuel pump is working, the engine has spark but for some reason, cleaned the carbs / reeds / screens, diaphragms , disassembled the fuel pump but it doesn't seem to pull fuel. I thought I would put up a video of me turning it over to see if anyone could hear anything that might indicate what the problem is.

7. 1995 Polaris SLT750 Jet Ski Oil Injection Pump Delete & Block Off Plate

Overtime things wear and if you’re ski has sat, Oil injection delete would be the best option. Luckily this injection system still works but I’m deciding to remove the Pump before wear failure. The block off kit can be found for your application online, simple vacuum caps, billet plate & hardware.

Permanently Removed-
Injection pump & Oil lines
Oil tank & sending unit
Oil tank vent tube

8. 1995 Polaris SL650 STD Jet Ski Restore

We bought a 1995 Polaris Sl650 STD & trailer for $600!!
Follow us along as we restore this old jet ski.

9. Polaris SL750 Jetski Project

I got this Ski for a great deal, but it needs a little work. This will be the first of many videos to come.

10. 94 polaris sl 750 carb removal

Removed whole assembly because there was a stripped nut on carb.

11. Polaris 750 Jet Ski Engine repair

12. Polaris SL 650 Oil Block Off Install

Oil block off install vid

13. Polaris SL-750 Jet Ski Engine Check


In this video I will introduce you to my 1994 Polaris SL 750 jet ski restoration project. My jet ski has been sitting in the pasture since 2004 when it burnt a hole in the PTO piston. See how to remove the stator cables from the ECM. This is the final step before removing the motor from the jet ski. The video has 3 parts. 1 how to open the ECM,. 2 how to disconnect the wires and which wires to remove. 3 What to look out for so you don't damage your temperature sensor like I did. Thanks for watching!

15. Polaris SL 650 Fuel Tank Install

Fuel tank install

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