1994 Polaris Slt 750

1994 Polaris Slt 750

1. 1995 Polaris SLT 750 Jetski @ Remi Lake [Archive]

The one that started it all

Time recorded: July 7th, 2014
Moonbeam, ON - Remi Lake

2. 95 Polaris SLT 750 Hose Test

rebuilt engine, all new internals, rebuilt carbs, all OEM mikuni parts, rebuilt fuel pump df52, new plugs, reeds, oil and fuel lines, selector and filters

3. 1995 Polaris SLT750 SLT 750 PWC Jet Ski For Sale

This is a 1995 Polaris SLT750 PWC that we are selling. Has a freshly rebuild jet pump in it. The info gauge works on the machine as well as everything else. This machine is listed for sale at $1250.00. Lake ready as seen in the video.


In this video I will introduce you to my 1994 Polaris SL 750 jet ski restoration project. My jet ski has been sitting in the pasture since 2004 when it burnt a hole in the PTO piston. See how to remove the stator cables from the ECM. This is the final step before removing the motor from the jet ski. The video has 3 parts. 1 how to open the ECM,. 2 how to disconnect the wires and which wires to remove. 3 What to look out for so you don't damage your temperature sensor like I did. Thanks for watching!

5. No Spark Fix On Polaris Jetski Sl700 sl750 slx sl900

Found the problem fixed it hope that helps u

6. 1995 Polaris SLT750 Jet Ski Oil Injection Pump Delete & Block Off Plate

Overtime things wear and if you’re ski has sat, Oil injection delete would be the best option. Luckily this injection system still works but I’m deciding to remove the Pump before wear failure. The block off kit can be found for your application online, simple vacuum caps, billet plate & hardware.

Permanently Removed-
Injection pump & Oil lines
Oil tank & sending unit
Oil tank vent tube

7. 1994 Polaris SLT 750

8. 95 Polaris SLT 750, hose test and walk around

good running 95 slt750

9. LOT 1211A 1994 Polaris SLT 750 Running

Tearing this 1994 Polaris SLT 750 down in to parts If you need a CDI Coil Stator Jet Pump Seat Handle Cylinder Crankshaft Engine or what ever give Marto's Motorsports a call at 218-844-4968 or visit us on the web at martosmotorsports.com Thanks

10. The Lake Run with the Polaris SL 750 Jet Ski

Taking the Polaris out for its first run. I had an issue with some leaking water manifolds, but some field engineering got it fixed.

11. 2 things to keep your polaris jet ski from blowing up.

No hate towards polaris here, they make some good motors. their jet skis just need some help to stay reliable.

12. 95 Polaris SLT 750 impeller removal

I used the drive shaft as the removal tool. The drive coupler was taken off the engine and turned around backwards on the shaft. The bumpers and O-ring were removed to make it easier to insert and prevent them from being damage. The 18 inch adjustable wrench facilitated the torque required to turn the impeller off and it takes alot. Note: The impeller has normal threading... lefty losey/righty tighty.

13. Polaris SL 750 Gopro Ride

Just testing out the new pump I rebuilt on my 1994 Polaris SL 750. Enjoy and Subscribe!

14. 1995 Polaris SL650 STD Jet Ski Restore

We bought a 1995 Polaris Sl650 STD & trailer for $600!!
Follow us along as we restore this old jet ski.

15. polaris SLT 750 1994 HD

Polaris SLT 750 1994 with high horse power and performance plz subscribe.

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