2 Types Of Automatic Slack Adjusters

2 Types Of Automatic Slack Adjusters

1. Adjusting Automatic Slack Adjusters

In this episode of you should be in our shoes: Our brake specialist Mike Gerrick covers automatic slack adjusters and how to make sure they’re adjusted and functioning properly.

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2. Automatic Slack Adjuster

How to adjust the automatic slack adjuster and maintenance for the automatic slack adjuster.

There are several slack adjusters but here are two of the most common sizes:
Haldex Automatic Slack Adjuster - HAL-40010212 (28 Spline. 6")
HAL-40010211 (28 Spline 5-1/2'':)

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3. How to adjust automatic slack adjuster

Lang Tools 7578 7/16" Automatic Slack Adjuster Wrench

Lang Tools Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench

4. Push Rod / Slack Adjuster operation

Push Rod, no more than 1inch of play when the brakes are released.
Slack adjuster should make a 90-degree angle when the brakes are applied.

5. How to Adjust an Automatic Slack Adjuster

Our mechanic takes a look at how to adjust an automatic slack adjuster on a Hendrickson Air Ride suspension system. He covers the basic methods to adjust as well as checking the functionality of the slack adjuster. For more information on service or repairs please contact one of our locations or visit our website badger-utility.com

Hi, I am Aaron with Badger Utility, and I am going to show you how to adjust automatic slack adjusters and check their functionality. Having properly adjusted automatic slack adjusters not only maintains even brake wear, but also maintains the proper stopping distance.

This is an automatic slack adjuster. It maintains proper brake adjustment on the wheel end. What we will do to adjust this is put our wrench on here and turn it clockwise until the brake tightens up. Then we will back it off one half turn, and your brakes should be set in the proper adjustment.

Now let's make sure the brake adjuster is working properly. What we will do is back it off further than one half turn. This brake adjuster is already backed off one half of a turn. Then we will take a wrench and put it on the adjust nut and apply the brakes.
Release, Apply, Release, Apply, Release, Apply, Release.
As you can see the wrench is turning. That means the brake is trying to adjust itself back up under application.

Adjusting an automatic slack adjuster is fairly simple. Making sure that all four wheel ends are adjusted properly will keep your trailer stopping as it should.

6. How to Identify a Slack Adjuster

Watch this short video to know how to identify slack adjusters whether manual or automatic.

7. Meritor Automatic Slack Adjuster Installed Angle Check

8. Setting a Manual Slack Adjuster

In this video, Commercial Driving Instructor Dave McIntyre demonstrates how to adjust a manual slack adjuster.

9. Adjust Truck Brakes

Adjusting heavy duty truck brakes

10. Troubleshooting Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters

Part of the Accuride Gunite brand Automatic Slack Adjuster training series.

Gunite slack adjusters are the industry’s first choice for performance, reliability and safety. Improved braking performance, lower operating costs and reduced down time are just some of the advantages you’ll experience with Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters.

11. How to calibrate automatic slack adjusters

Every truck driver should know how an automatic slack adjuster work for drums brakes systems and be able to calibrate it from the cab of his truck. This procedure only takes a few minutes to do and help prevent faster brakes wear. This video will show you the importance of doing it and how to do it.
If you want to know more about heavy vehicule driving training: cftc.qc.ca/circuit

12. Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters

Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters

13. TSE Presents: Automatic Slack Adjuster

14. How to adjust a slack adjuster

15. Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster Service Video

Accuride Wheel End Solutions offers this service video to learn how to install, adjust, and maintain genuine Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters.

We've split this video into shorter videos - check out the playlist here: bit.ly/37OF0G9

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