Bronx Community College Job Fair

Bronx Community College Job Fair

1. Bronx job fair focuses on job placement with pandemic precautions

Because of COVID-19, the process of getting a job has completely changed.

2. Bronx LGBT Career Fair

Reporter Arlene Mukoko visits Hostos Community College to take a look at the LGBT career fair to gain insight from the community, political officials, employers, and job seekers to find out how the Bronx economy is improving.

3. Bronx LGBT Career Fair

Reporter Stephen Powell takes us through the Bronx LGBT Career Fair, which was hosted by the office of the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. in the Hostos Community College Gymnasium. The event featured employers and representatives from about 107 businesses currently taking resumes and hiring new staff throughout the Bronx and New York City Metropolitan Area. To gain more insight about the LGBT career fair, we spoke with Dirk McCall who serves as the Director of External Affairs for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

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4. Bronx Updates | OPEN

Host Daren Jaime shares our borough's latest news, including the MTA proposing increasing subway, and bus fares, Phipps Neighborhoods job fair, and Jacobi Medical Center’s hyperbaric chamber.

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5. What issues are Bronx and Brooklyn job seekers facing in 2022

What are some of the problems job seekers are facing, and how can they solve them? News 12 takes a deep dive into the unemployment situation in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

6. Why Do So Many African Students Call CUNY's Bronx Community College Home | Bob Herbert's Op-Ed.TV

The Bronx has seen an explosion in its African population, which naturally includes a lot more children and young adults, and many of them are finding their way to CUNY’s Bronx Community College. A decade ago, there were about 200 students from Africa at Bronx Community College. Now there is close to a thousand. What’s this all about? Bob talks with Bronx Community College’s president, Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe, and one of the school’s standout students, Bright Igbinigun.

Taped: 03-29-2018

Bob Herbert's Op-Ed.TV is a weekly half-hour program featuring interviews with significant men and women from a variety of fields: officeholders and activists, economists, labor leaders, writers and artists. Herbert, a longtime journalist and former columnist for The New York Times, takes a close look each week at a compelling contemporary issue. He elicits personal stories and insights into the character of each guest, revealing not just what they believe about a particular issue, but why they believe it.

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7. Get To Work

One way to attract a college student is with freebies, food, and fun.

Or, you can attract college students when you're seeking employees for your business—and that's exactly what makes the BMCC's annual career fairs so popular.

8. What the Bronx can teach us about the impending Ai Revolution

#InteractiveDay #CollideWithTomorrow #SanDeigo

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9. New 12 The Bronx - Bronx Design and Construction Academy

Reporting about our CTE Fair 2023

10. Bronx nonprofit provides free clothes for job interviews

On Thursday in the South Bronx, residents had the opportunity to shop for free clothing for their future careers at the Mitchel Community Center, all thanks to the nonprofit East Side House Settlement.

11. TRAVEL TIP: Don’t go to the Bronx #bronx #traveltips #travel #citylife

12. Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj. Proudly Presents. The Bronx New York 2013 Job Fair!!!

The joy of moving forward in life, with just a little help from a friend!

13. Bronx Community Board #11 - April 27, 2017


14. Bronx Community College Male Empowerment Network Promotional Video

Join Clifford L Marshall II, Director of the Male Empowerment Network at Bronx Community College, as he talks about the benefits of being a part of this program that focuses on recruiting, retaining, and graduating young males of color.
Contact Information:
[email protected]

15. Career Center Virtual Orientation

The New York State Department of Labor continues to offer services to the public in a new, safe virtual online Career Center. Find out those services are and how you can get started today!

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