Bronx Community College Job Outcomes

Bronx Community College Job Outcomes

1. Understanding Your GPA | Bronx Community College

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2. End of Semester Grades | Bronx Community College

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3. Getting the Most Out of Class | Bronx Community College

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4. Connecting Community College Students to Employment

Please join the Urban Institute for the first installment of our community college event series, focused on connecting students to employment. Many students attend community colleges to learn new skills and earn credentials that will help them succeed in the workforce. But it can be a challenge for community colleges to better connect students to employment and align their programs with employer needs to improve labor market outcomes.

As the first in the series, this event will feature two panels that explore how community colleges connect their students to meaningful work experience and employment. The first panel will highlight the experiences and lessons from college leaders and employers on building and sustaining employer–community college partnerships. The second panel will focus on promising examples of work-based learning opportunities for community college students, highlighting the strategies and partnerships colleges and other stakeholders develop to ensure students gain hands-on experiences and skills to succeed in their industry.

5. Bronx Community College | OPEN

OPEN Host Daren Jaime sits with the President of Bronx Community College, Dr. Thomas A. Isekenegbe to learn about what Bronx Community College is doing to face educational challenges during this pandemic.

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6. Hillsborough community college working to increase nurses

HCG has accepted the school's application to have a bachelor of nursing program. Soon it may be teaching nruses at an accelerated rate.

7. Zoom into our Majors: Engineering Science and Electronic Engineering Technology

BCC invites you to learn about our Engineering Science and Electronic Engineering Technology majors. You will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, students, and admissions staff, learn transfer options, career opportunities, and the ins and outs of the programs at BCC.

8. The CUNY ASAP Program: A Model for Community College Student | EdCast #87

Linda Hirsch interviews Donna Linderman, CUNY University Dean for Student Success Initiatives. Jim Carney visits Bronx Community College to see ASAP in action.

EdCast, a Telly Award winning monthly cable program dedicated to the most pressing education issues of the day, is hosted by Professor Linda Hirsch of Hostos Community College and Jim Carney of Lehman College. EdCast brings together a diverse set of viewpoints to tackle these issues and make them accessible to viewers.

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9. Zoom into our Majors: Health Sciences at BCC

BCC invites you to learn about our Health Science majors. You will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, students, and admissions staff, learn transfer options, career opportunities, and the ins and outs of the programs at BCC.

10. Education College

Expanding Technical Training for Middle Class Jobs. Additionally, in order to spread the availability of high-quality and innovative programs like those in Tennessee and Texas, which achieve better than average completion and employment outcomes, the President is also proposing the American Technical Training Fund. This fund will award programs that have strong employer partnerships and include work-based learning opportunities, provide accelerated training, and are scheduled to accommodate part-time work. Programs could be created within current community colleges or other training institutions. The focus of the discretionary budget proposal would be to help high-potential, low-wage workers gain the skills to work into growing fields with significant numbers of middle-class jobs that local employers are trying to fill such as energy, IT, and advanced manufacturing. This program will fund the start-up of 100 centers and scale those efforts in succeeding years. Smaller grants would help to bring together partners and start a pilot program. Larger grants would be used for expanding programs based on evidence of effectiveness, which could include past performance on graduation rates, job placement rates and placement wages. Building on the President’s community college initiative, known as the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants and for which 2014 was the final year of funding, these funds will help community colleges become more job-driven.

11. News 12 - Bronx college to offer new food studies program (01-30-15)

A new Food Studies Associate Degree Program is being launched at Hostos Community College in Fall 2015.

The new Hostos Food Studies Program was also featured in the New York Times on January 28, 2015. To learn more, visit

12. Thematic Communication Workshop with Dr Sam Ham - Bronx Community College/CUNY on July 19, 2022

Thematic Communication is an approach to heritage interpretation developed most recently by Professor Sam H. Ham (University of Idaho) and used in persuasive communication campaigns aimed at impacting environmental behaviors, especially those related to energy, water consumption, and more recently, climate change. In this workshop, Dr Ham took the participants from USA, India, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago through the theoretical and practical aspects of thematic communication so they could deliver effective climate change literacy workshops in India in September 2022. Dr Ham also showed how the thematic approach was used in various other settings around the world to impact and shape behaviors beneficial to the environment.
This workshop was organized by Prof. Paramita Sen and Prof. Neal Phillip of the Dept of Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences at Bronx Community College (BCC) of the City University of New York and CREST Institute at City College pf New York (CCNY)/CUNY in support of their US State Department (US Consulate Hyderabad, India) Public Diplomacy Grant to install five solar powered weather stations in three states in India (Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) in September and to deliver climate change literacy workshops.

13. CUNY and the Future of Workforce Education

In recent years, New York's economy has evolved rapidly, which has changed the landscape for skilled labor. CUNY, the city’s flagship university system, plays a key role in equipping students for work in critical industries like health care, technology, and logistics. With a new mayoral administration incoming and a post-pandemic economy, the time is ripe for NYC and Albany’s education leadership to re-align CUNY’s programs with the evolving needs of industry and its diverse student body.

Where does CUNY excel, and where should it recalibrate? How can CUNY strengthen its relationship with industry stakeholders? How might it drive New York’s economic recovery?

On March 15, 2022, at 1:00pm EST, the Manhattan Institute will host a virtual panel to answer these questions, featuring brief presentations of research findings from Opportunity America president Tamar Jacoby and Manhattan Institute director of education policy Raymond Domanico. CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College president Kenneth Adams and Building Skills NYC executive director David Meade will also provide important insider perspectives to shed light on these questions.

14. Community Organizations Encourage Better Health Outcomes by Launching The Bronx Healthy Beverage Zon

Community Organizations Encourage Better Health Outcomes by Launching The Bronx Healthy Beverage Zon

15. The Bronx Knows - Community Health Centers

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