China Glass Bong Factory

China Glass Bong Factory

1. Let's go to the factory to explore the birth of bong

REANICE bong shop:
More and more, smokers are beginning to take an interest as to the origins of their pieces,Let’s enjoy the process of making bong.
Using a large, industrial torch and a stone block, glassmakers generally start making their pieces by focusing on the bulbous base. The glassmaker begins by taking a straight glass tube and heating it up until it balloons in the center to form a big, hollow bubble. This is removed from the flame and then, using glassblowing techniques and holding either end of the glass tube, inflated to a larger size. Consistency is crucial when it comes to making bongs, so some glassblowers will use a set of rollers to evenly rotate the piece and ensure that the body of the piece sits correctly and the base stays even as it becomes rounded and blown out.

2. Marijuana BONG Factory in China

Showing you how bongs are made in a factory here in China. Great product! It's interesting that a product that is used for what is an incredibly taboo topic and illegal substance is produced in such mass quantity in this country.

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3. china glass bongs factory grav glass copy glass water bong

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5. How to Blow Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, and More by Purr - Honeycomb Bong

A constant question we get at Purr is, "What do I need to start blowing glass?". In this mini series we are going to walk you through our very own shop and talk about some of the basic things you'll need to start blowing your own glass pipes, bongs, rigs, pendents, bubblers and more. All of our glass is American made and handcrafted out of Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California.

In Part 6, you’ll learn with Purr owner Chad about how to make a honeycomb straight tube scientific bong. To start, you’re going to need to measure out 3in. of 14mm female ground joint tubing, and some 16mm tubing for the connection. For the chamber/mouthpiece, you’ll need 10 in of a 38 x 4mm heavy wall tubing, and measure & mark 5in. directly in the middle for the location of the ice pinches. After measuring, you can take your 38 mm tube and cut it on a diamond saw, being sure to move slow and smooth for a clean cut. Here at Purr, we use a 10” MK diamond wet saw. Lapping your cuts is always a good idea, as it seals and deburrs your glass so there is no scarring on the end. Its very important to clean your glass after cutting and lapping, as it removes any and all glass debris from your material so that none of it interferes with your glassblowing. This also ensures that your pieces will blow clean and without hassle. Once your pieces are cut and clean, you can begin to work your material. We can begin to flame cut the ground joint. At the 3 inch mark, slowly rotate the piece in your torch. After flame cutting and paddling, you can attach the 16mm connection. Once you are happy with the seal, let it cool down so you can proceed to flame cut and blow open the cut at an inch away from the seal on the 16mm tubing. Now we can begin forming the mouthpiece and ice pinches. Taking the 38mm tubing and locking it into the headstock of the lathe, preheat the end of the tube with a bunsen burner so that when using the large torch, your glass will not crack. Always use the bunsen to keep freshly worked areas warm so they do not crack from rapid cooling. Form the mouthpiece with a paddle and reamer, then create the three pinches at the 5 inch mark, letting each pinch cool before working on the next. After your pinches and mouthpiece are done, you should let it anneal and strengthen so your work does not crack. When you can work on attaching the honeycomb to the camber, put a piece of 38mm tubing in the tailstock of the lathe, and begin preheating all your pieces on the bunsen. Seal the tail and headstock pieces between the honeycomb. Flame cut below the honeycomb with a small torch, about an inch and a half to two inches below. You will reintroduce this piece to create the base and bottom of the chamber. Remove material where your ground joint will be attached. Let this cool down enough before you take your ground joint to the chamber and seal the connection. Ensure the attachment is straight and squared with the chamber, while letting it cool when you are satisfied with the seal. Now you can attach a bridge to the trunk so that the ground joint has more stability. Take a glass rod and form and feed the bridge enough glass so that its not too thin. Using heat and gravity, rotate and ensure the bridge forms nice and even. When that has cooled, place a plug into the ground joint so that you can now clean up the connection between the trunk and the chamber, creating a smooth and strong seal. When this is done to your liking, turn the bunsen up to keep the center of the piece warm enough as it cools down so the glass does not crack. Forming the foot of the bong will require you to flame cut about 3 to 4 inches below the base of the chamber. Pulling away with the tailstock, the piece will separate. You’ll want to thicken up this section of glass before flaring the base open. Do this by paddling and reaming the base in a similar way to the mouthpiece, while keeping the whole tubing straight. When its thickened up enough, you can take a reamer and slowly flare open the foot, paddling it flat once it creates the disk around the bong. Paddle until the foot is flat. All thats left is to pop it in the kiln and let the glass anneal one last time to remove all stress from the glass.

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6. The simplest glass bong making process

Glass bong factory manufacturer

7. KV7 china factory wholesale glass water pipe,bong and glass bowl accessories

HBKING factory wholesale glass water pipe,bong,bowl pipes
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8. This glass pipe definitely gave me the best experience💯
This glass water pipe has a stunning appearance with its double filter system.
Twin cylindrical chambers and spiraled glass pies and large perc make this original design glass pipe a joy to use. It gives an excellent visual display while satisfying your lungs with clean hits.
This clear glass bong is made from extra-thick borosilicate glass and has a large round base for stability.
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9. China glass rant

10. Glass bong machine/how to make 6” 、4“pipes by machine

oil burner machine is designed to make 4“、6“oil burner from glass tubes.
suitable for(mm):D:12-18 L:100-200 Thickness: 1.2-2
1.5kwh LPG: 3.2kg / h Oxy: 28L / h
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11. hbking K932 glass bong factory china supplier

Generation 2 microscope water pipe cool design
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12. Is Chinaglass Worth Buying

What's up everyone in todays video we are reviewing cheap China made glass and putting it to the ultimate test! We got some fatty bong rips and dabs out of both pieces and highly recommend you check out some of ShareBongs products down below. We now post every Monday and Friday with streams every Wednesday and Saturday so stay tuned for more content! If you enjoyed todays video we'd appreciate it if you subscribe, leave a comment, and like the video to help grow the channel!

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13. Near Dark GmbH in China - Visiting the Glass Bong Foundry

Die Near Dark GmbH aus Hennef ( ist nicht nur Großhandel für Smoking Paraphernalia, sondern auch Hersteller von bekannten Glasbong-Marken wie Blaze Glass, Black Leaf (, Breitseite, DEA (Drug Education Agency) und anderen. Unsere eigenen Glasbongs entstehen in Handarbeit in Werkstätten langjähriger chinesischer Partner. Sie liefern geprüfte Qualität und werden fair bezahlt. Von seiner letzten Reise hat der Chef ein Video mitgebracht. Hier seht ihr, wo unsere Qualitätsbongs herkommen und warum sie so gut gut sind.

Near Dark GmbH in Hennef, Germany ( is not only a wholesaler of Smoking Paraphernalia, but also manufacturers of many famous Bong brands, such as Blaze Glass, Black Leaf (, Breitseite, DEA (Drug Education Agency) and others. Our own glass bongs are hand crafted by our longtime Chinese partner. They provide a proven quality and are paid for fairly. From his last trip, the boss brought back a video, so you can now see how our high quality glass bongs are made and where they come from and understand why they are so great.

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15. Glass bong instruction

We are from china, glass bong manufacture.

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