Day Care St Petersburg Fl

Day Care St Petersburg Fl

1. Child Care Demo Video for Day Care Centers in St Petersburg FL

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2. Daycare Worker Uses ‘Scream’ Mask to Terrify Toddlers

Disturbing images have just surfaced online of young children screaming in abject terror, as a figure in a mask yells in their faces. Their terror is understandable – the mask is the ‘ghost face’ made famous in the “Scream” movies. But what beggars belief is that the children were at their daycare center, and the person in the mask was one of their caretakers. The incident happened at the Little Blessings Child Care and Learning Center in Mississippi.

3. Mom demands action after child walks away from St. Pete daycare unnoticed

A local mom is demanding action after her six-year-old son is found blocks away from his daycare.

4. St. Pete First: Preschool Sunday Video!

Join in to see Ms. Elizabeth's message and an amazing scripture video.

5. Damage left behind at St. Pete neighborhood daycare after storm rolls through

An investigation is underway into damage caused by a tornado Thursday afternoon at a preschool in the city's Disston Heights neighborhood. At least two buildings were impacted by what might have been a tornado just after noon in the area of 55th Street North and 16th Avenue North, according to a National Weather Service storm report.

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6. Dog Day Care - Pet Grooming St Petersburg FL 33702

Dog Day Care - Pet Grooming St Petersburg FL

Welcome to Gateway Paw House located in Saint Petersburg Florida.

Gateway Paw House is a place where your pet can go and spend the day romping and playing in our fun beach surf shack tmosphere.

Your dog can enjoy our indoor beach area, have a blast splashing in the wading pool, located in our special thirteen hundred square foot outside fun and play park, ...or maybe your pet would simply enjoy chilling in the cabana room.

Gateway Paw House also provides complete professional pet grooming services. Have your pet come in to our fun beachy pet spa and get a new stylish hair do or maybe your pet would enjoy a relaxing bath with all over massage.

No matter how your pet spends the day at Gateway Paw House, your pet will go home feeling like the Big Kahuna!

Gateway Paw House is located at 8100 4th Street North Saint Petersburg Florida. Call us today at 7 2 7 6 6 7 7 2 9 7

7. St. Pete First Preschool Lesson with Ms. Elizabeth

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8. Video shows toddler escaping Florida day care into traffic | NewsNation Prime

Video released by the Florida Department of Health shows a toddler walking out of a daycare center and into three lanes of traffic.

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9. St. Petersburg preschool teacher accused of child abuse on 3-year-old

Local News

10. Family of woman left dead in St. Pete alley asks for help in solving homicide

The family of a woman who was killed in a stabbing is asking the public for help in solving her murder. Read more:

11. How Much Money You Can Make As A Child Care Business Owner

There is money in this child care industry! Visit to find out how much you can make. I do not believe that you should only and primarily be concerned with making as much money as you possibly can in any business/industry, or any job. I think you should put your energy and time into something that you enjoy and brings happiness to yourself and others. Money is an added benefit that absolutely comes if you do your job well! Moral of the story...opening a child care business can fulfill your life in many ways, including your pockets!

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12. Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center- Daycare

13. day care shortage

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14. What it’s like having a daycare in a small house/ military housing

A little tour of my small house, in home childcare and how I handle both living space for my family and the children in my care.



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St. Petersburg Pediatrics Day School has its roots from St. Petersburg Pediatrics, a well-known pediatrics practice serving Pinellas County, Florida.
St. Petersburg Pediatrics has been specializing in children for over 30 years with several locations scattered throughout Pinellas County. The mission of the practice is to treat all of our patients equally and to make visits more convenient for families. This has been the secret to our success as a health care provider in the community.
After communicating with families over the years we came to realize a need for high quality child care in Pinellas County. This is how St. Petersburg Pediatrics Day School became a reality. Since there are plenty of St. Pete child care facilities in the area the key was to find out why parents felt there was a void. After conducting our research, we categorized child care facilities into three major types; home centers, small centers and larger corporate run centers. Families were able to give us reasons why these types of child care facilities did not meet their standards.
With home centers, families felt it was not “professional” enough for them to allow their children to attend. Many of these types of centers fly under the radar and get away with not having to abide by licensing board standards. In fact many, do not even have licenses to run a child care facility. Here families felt it was like baby sitter rather than an educational environment.
When it came to the smaller child care facilities, the main concern for families was the actual physical environment. Many of these facilities are in dilapidated buildings which adhere to older building codes and licensing regulations. Due to falling under the older set of regulations, many of these centers are not required to provide the adequate amount of space per child as set by the Pinellas County Licensing Board. As well as falling under the older licensing regulations they also fall under the older building code. Now-a-days, city regulators require very strict building codes for schools for the safety of the children. These smaller centers housed in older homes/buildings are major safety casualties waiting to happen.
Then, there’s the larger corporate child care facilities. These companies have several dozen centers across the country with their headquarters typically in another state. The main concerns from families with these centers were the cost of tuition and the cold corporate feeling. The individuals who run these child care facilities are so detached from their centers that they are unable to run them properly. These centers are typically run as child care factories with little care for the families.
After doing our research, we felt we needed to have a mixture of all of these types of centers minus the downside. We wanted to build Pinellas County child care facilities which were new with the most up to date construction and safety standards like the larger corporate facilities. We also wanted the personal feel and tuition much closer to that of smaller centers.
If you walk into one of our centers, you’ll notice Our centers follow a strict curriculum geared to children at their individual age groups.the most up to date furniture and learning equipment in the industry. You’ll also notice a very well trained and welcoming staff to help you through the important decision of choosing a child care center for your family. We are NOT a babysitting service. We pride ourselves in teaching children and giving them and their families the attention each one of them needs in order to be successful in the next step of their young lives.

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