Did Chief Seattle Have Slaves

Did Chief Seattle Have Slaves

1. Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave Interview in the 1930s That Surfaced Almost 90 Years Later

Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave Interview in the 1930s That Surfaced Almost 90 Years Later

60 years after the abolition of slavery, an anthropologist made a remarkable discovery: She located the LAST surviving slave on the last ship to bring Africans to the United States.

In his own words, a heartbreaking story of a young African man who had been kidnapped from his home, crammed into a boat for months, and sent off to America to be sold as a slave…

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2. The Speech of Chief Seattle - The Great Chief in Washington

Apologies for my English accent and for the cover photo being incorrect.

Great poetic speech revealing the melancholy and tragedy associated with the fading of a civilisation and way of life in the face of the unjust and brutal 'Manifest Destiny' of the settlers. Gives also a wonderful picture of how the spirit was still seen as an objective reality in nature, a perceptual faculty now by and large lost to mankind in an overwhelmingly materialistic world. (Excuse the birds tweeting in the background btw...) Although there are many versions of this speech, and much controversy surrounding its origins and authorship, it does not take away from the artistry and truthfulness of the speech. As Chekov said when seeing one of his plays: 'That is not how I imagined my play being performed, but it is much better than I imagined it'. We need not be slaves to the material world and its events. Art originates from a different plane of reality and although none of the Seattle versions may have actually been spoken in material life in exactly the way recounted, it need not take away from their artistic beauty. Shakespeare's historical plays are in many aspects totally inaccurate historically, yet they are great works of art and capture a folk essence of English historical legend. Art speaks for humanity as a whole and not for a particular nation or fragment of humanity. This speech, whatever its origins, speaks to all.

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3. The letter that the Indian chief Seattle sent to the president in Washington

It happened in 1854. The fourteenth president of the United States, Franklin Pierce, of slavery and expansionist tendency, sent a letter to the chief Seattle, of the Suwamish tribe, to buy him the northwest territories that today form the state of Washington. The Indian chief's response was immediate. That same year, he delivered a speech to Territorial Governor Isaac I. Stevens, known today as Chief Seattle's response.

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4. Red Indian Chief Seattle's response to the US President in 1855! | Protect Earth

A letter than at an early age had a significant impact in my life, I hope the significance won't go unnoticed! We are all brothers!
Link for the page on the video - faena.com/aleph/articles/a-letter-from-chief-seattle-to-the-president-of-the-united-states/
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5. ’The Abolitionists’: Trained team rescuing child sex-traffic victims across the globe

From 2016: Meet a team of people who have made it their life's mission to go undercover and bust traffickers and rescue as many children as they can. MORE: bit.ly/2VgyUYR

6. Why sex trafficking is especially high in Seattle

Seattle is considered one of the top cities for human trafficking because of a large demand. king5.com/article/news/local/alarming-demand-for-sex-work-in-seattle/281-4827db95-d25d-4b8f-ad52-9862a2ac30c4

7. Understanding Clearer Chief Seattle The Urban City’s Namesake

Seattle was named after the Suquamish and Duwamish chieftain Seattle, but why? He straddled the divide between representing his own people and maintaining cordial relations with the increasing migration of white settlers. The city we now call Seattle was originally named Dewamps. Imagine that today? Chief Seattle kept his warriors out of frontier wars, but he was a respected leader. He was a complex man of his era. He was born near the Green River and inherited his leadership position from his uncle.

His ambush style of warfare completely obliterated the population of his enemy Chimakum tribe and he was a slave owner. He was baptized Christian in 1848, would marry twice and father three sons and four daughters. He formed an unlikely friendship and pragmatic alliance with David Doc Maynard, one of the earliest settlers. Maynard convinced the settlement’s leadership to honor one of the only Native American chiefs that tolerated their presence. He was allowed to die in his father’s longhouse in Port Madison where he is buried. He visited his namesake town many times during his lifetime.

8. CNN witnesses 9-year-old being sold for marriage to 55-year-old man

CNN's Anna Coren reports on the humanitarian crisis engulfing Afghanistan as desperate families say they're being forced to sell their young daughters in order to survive.

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9. Chief Seattle - The Earth is Sacred - How can You Own it It Owns You

TheTruthIsFullOfLies, when you find the truth, you will also find a lot of lies.

I am going to do this until you either wake up or I die a martyr. If you don't wake up then I would rather be killed as this world will not be worth living in...


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"The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie." - Aaron Hawkins

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"Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is."- Albert Camus

"America was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free. So they killed a lot of white English people in order to continue owning their black African people, so they could wipe out the rest of the red Indian people and move West and steal the rest of the land from the brown Mexican people giving them a place to take off and drop their nuclear weapons on the yellow Japanese people." - George Carlin

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." - Chief Seattle

"Anybody listening to me will realize that these are indeed Historic Broadcast's and by making them I have sealed my fate" - Bill Cooper

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10. Ex-Seattle Police Chief Condemns Systemic Police Racism Dating Back to Slave Patrols

democracynow.org - On Wednesday, President Obama met at the White House with law enforcement officials and civil rights leaders. President Obama hosted the meeting one week after the fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and the killing of five police officers by a sniper in Dallas. While the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile made national headlines, they were not isolated incidents. According to a count by The Guardian, at least 37 people have been killed by police in the United States so far this month. That’s more than the total number of people killed by police in Britain since the year 2000. Overall, police in the United States have killed a total of 585 people so far this year. We speak to former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, author of the new book "To Protect and to Serve: How to Fix America’s Police."

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11. How American Slavery Helped Create Modern Day Policing | Unpack That

For almost as long as black folks have been in this country, the relationship between blackness and policing has been a hot racist mess.
From 1619, until today here's how slavery in the US, shaped modern day policing, as we know it.

12. Chief Seattle’s Prophecy For America: The End Of Living And The Beginning Of Survival!

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Chief Seattle’s Prophecy For America: The End Of Living And The Beginning Of Survival
Links -
1) humansarefree.com/2016/02/chief-seattles-prophecy-for-america-the-end-of-living-and-the-beginning-of-survival.html
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13. Can reparations help right the wrongs of slavery

The first African slaves arrived in North America 400 years ago this month, landing at Jamestown in what's now Virginia. Recently, the idea of paying reparations for the atrocity of slavery has been earning new attention, even making its way into 2020 presidential debates. Economics correspondent Paul Solman examines the question of whether a debt might be owed to generations of slave descendants.

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14. They Were Just in the Way | Indian Removal

The Standard American History Myth treats American Indians as if they were an obstacle in the way of westward expansion and our inevitable march of progress. But nothing about what the United States did to the Native Americans was inevitable.

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West (1970)

Unworthy Republic: The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory (2020)

Rez Life (2012)

Lakota Woman (1990)

The New Trail of Tears: How Washington is Destroying American Indians (2016)


Reel Injun (2010)

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In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports (1997)

More Than a Word: Native American-Based Sports Mascots (2017)

Pioneering the American Frontier (2015)

Return of the Buffalo - Restoring the Great American Prairie (2017)

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15. Speech of Native Indian Chief Seattle (SEE-AT-LA) About the Relationship Between MAN & Our PLANET!

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