Elementary Science Olympiad Sample Tests

Elementary Science Olympiad Sample Tests

1. Crime Busters

2. Science Olympiad for Class-1 | Science Olympiad Q/A | Science Olympiad Practice- 2022-23

Science Olympiad for Class-1 | Science Olympiad Q/A | Science Olympiad Question Answer Practice 2022-23

3. How to Ace Your Multiple-Choice Tests

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4. Science Olympiad Rock Hound - Minerals

Mar 21, 2015 This is part 4 of a 4 part series
Our Rock Hound Event Supervisor, Paul Randazzo, is a member of the Mt. Clemens Gem & Lapidary Society.
This great group conducted a variety of classes in the Lapidary Arts.

Every year they host a very popular four session workshop. You will hear the Rock Hound event explained in great detail, along with other fascinating facts. Many Science Olympiad teams look forward to attending this workshop year after year.

Students receive a set of sample rocks and minerals to take home. During the workshop, important features about different rocks are explained as the kids examine their own samples.

BE CAREFUL- Statements made and questions answered at the workshop are NOT THE RULES. Always be sure you're using the current rules, available on the Macomb Science Olympiad website: macombso.org/elementary

Questions about event rules may be submitted on our website prior to the tournament.
Your question, and the Event Supervisor's response to your question will be posted at the bottom of the event page in the the FAQ section.

Only the published rules and the rule clarifications posted on the website will be applied when judging and scoring the events at the tournament.

5. How to identify powders

6. The Hardest Math Test

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7. NC Science Olympiad: Crimebusters and Forensics

Performing powder tests in a spot plate for the Forensics event. The process here is the same as in the Crime Busters event. Use a variety of tests (Reactions with water, vinegar, HCl, NaOH, scent, structure, pH, etc) to identify more characteristics of the unknown white powders. Always write down everything! You can get points for some test results even if the final ID is wrong. For more information on this event visit: sciencenc.com/event-help/forensics.php

8. Charged Up

9. Science Olympiad sounds of music test

10. Science Olympiad Water Bottle Rocket glue test

Sep 26, 2016
This is the background on why we decided to eliminate the long standing ban on Superglue.
Always be sure you're using the current rules for your event- they change every year!

11. Setting up to practice Reflection Relay 2D

Are you a Reflection Relay coach?
Macomb Science Olympiad Event Supervisor Ruth Cummins explains how to set-up the 2D challenge,

Always be sure you are using the current rules.They are available on our website.


This video IS NOT part of the official rules.

Questions about event rules may be submitted prior to the tournament, using the form you can find at to bottom of the eventโ€™s webpage.

The Event Supervisor's response to those questions, or rule clarifications, will be posted on our website all to see.
At the tournament, these rule clarifications (FAQs) will be applied when scoring the events.


12. General Science Quiz For KIDS | 100 Important Science Quiz Questions & Answers | General Knowledge

In this video, 100 frequently asked questions from general science topic for kids are included.

Below are some of the questions in the video:

How many hearts does an octopus have?
Which is the fastest land animal in the world?
Which gas is present in large quantity in Earth's atmosphere?
Which kind of animals can live both in water and on land?
Which is the largest flower in the world?
Which one of the below instruments is used to measure temperature?
Which vitamin contains in rainwater?
How many legs does a spider have?
Which of the following is not an aquatic mammal?
Which vitamin is also known as ascorbic acid?
Which of these gas is produced during photosynthesis?
Deimos and Phobos are the moons of which planet?
How many canine teeth are present in humans?
How many bones are there in the human body?
Which one of the below is an amphibian?


13. What non-CS students think Computer Science is

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14. 2016 Elementary Science Olympiad

The 30th annual Chippewa Valley Schools Elementary Science Olympiad, held at CVHS on March 12, 2016.

15. Elementary Science Olympiad Select Events 2022

Onslow County Schools Elementary Science Olympiad was held on February 5, 2022 at Northside High School. Select public events are showcased.

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