High School Woodshop Safety Test

High School Woodshop Safety Test

1. High School Woodshop General Safety

My students will take a safety test after watching this video. Prepare yourself, prepare the machine, check the material, use the machine correctly, deal with the unexpected, and use common sense.

2. Safety in the Woodshop

SUBJECT: Building and Furniture Technology

GRADE LEVEL: Grade 10, Grade 11

3. General Safety in the Woodshop

General Safety for Anacapa Middle School Woodshop

4. MTHS Shop Safety 1: General Shop Rules

5. How Safe is a Sawstop Saw - Never Before Seen 19,000 FPS HD Slow-Mo Video

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Join Steinert High School woodworking teacher, Lee Friedman, in the first of two videos explaining the uses and safety procedures of the tools in the wood shop.

00:15 - Planer/Surfacer
11:22 - Jointer
25:36 - Radial Arm Saw
47:35 - Miter Saw
1:04:31 - Band Saw
1:23:13 - Scroll Saw
1:36:50 - Drill Press

Hamilton Township School District
Mercer County, New Jersey

7. GMS T E Wood Shop Safety 3d Revision 12 19

8. Mr. Jones's Woodshop Safety Stop-motion video

He showed this to his tech-ed class to our woodworking class. i lyked it. The school is MOrrisvile High school in Morrisvile, Pa

9. Table Saw Safety

My students will take a safety test after watching this video. Safety tips and techniques for cutting wood on a table saw. I use a SawStop machine however I will cover SawStop specifics in a different video. This video is intended to cover generically most table saws.

10. Shop Safety

Marcus, Melchor, Dominic, and Jordan came together to create a video that shows you Shop Safety rules. We had a lot of fun filming and we hope you enjoy.

11. Wood Shop Safety Course

Prior to using the Wood Shop DIY area in the Kadena Arts & Crafts center, you'll need to watch this video. Once done, come into the Wood Shop (during open hours—see below) and ask our staff to take the safety course test! After you successfully past that test, you will be "certified" and given a safety course completion card to carry on your person.

So, get comfortable and ready to learn all the ways not to cut your finger off!

🕰 Wood Shop Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Thursday: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday - Sunday: 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed Mondays

12. General Shop Safety

This a video explaining safety in a workshop. It is primarily focused on the woodworking and construction shop with multiple users or students. However most of the rules apply to the home shop with only 1 or 2 users.

Students should be completing a study guide along with this video. Check the class web page for the study guide. Be sure to scan your study guide when complete and turn it in as the instructor has directed.

13. woodshop safety test 1


14. General Woodshop Safety

With Mr. Gasser

15. General Safety Rules for a High School Wood Shop

This video is about General Safety Rules for a High School Wood Shop

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