Honda Trash Pump Manual

Honda Trash Pump Manual

1. Complete instructions on how to run a gas powered water pump plus maintenance tips.

7 hp, 3 inch gas powered water pump instructions on how to prime, start, run and maintain it for optimum performance and longevity.

2. how to change honda water pump water seal and impeller

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3. Honda Water Pump (WB20XT) - Unboxing and first use

In this video I set up and use a Honda 2 inch water pump (also called a trash pump) for the first time.

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0:00 Intro
1:57 Unboxing
8:24 First Use
12:05 Adding hose
14:44 Emptying pond

4. Honda WB20 - Petrol Engine Pump in action

The WB Water Pumps are self-priming, centrifugal pumps with Honda 4 stroke petrol engines, from the Honda Power Equipment range.

All models have carbon ceramic mechanical seals and lightweight, aluminium pump housings, to assist portability. For increased abrasion resistance, they have cast iron volutes and impellers.

These materials ensure maximum durability for the pumping of clear and black water as found on building sites. All models are housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frame which has anti-vibration mounts fitted.

They are fitted with oil alerts, to protect the engines from misuse. These highly popular pumps are used by Utilities and are found regularly on hire fleets.

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5. Honda WT20X 2 Heavy Duty Gas Powered Water Trash Pump

6. Starting a Honda GX160 Engine

Anderson Industrial Engines is the Honda Distributor in the Midwest.

Welcome back to our AIE tutorial series to help you get to know your Honda GX 160. Today we are going to be learning to start the Honda GX160UT2QX2. Before starting your engine, check your fuel, oil level, and filter to ensure the engine is ready to use. All honda engines use 87 octane and above gasoline.

First, confirm that the on/off switch on the side of the engine is set to the on position. The black fuel valve should be slide all the way to the right which is set to the on position, and shut the choke by sliding the grey choke lever all the way to the left.

Before starting, make sure the throttle lever is slid to the right towards the turtle icon.

Pull the recoil handle, which will start the engine. While the engine is running in the idle position, slide the grey choke lever to the right to turn off the choke.

Once the engine is running, you may increase the RPM as needed by sliding the throttle to the left.

To turn the engine off, set the throttle back to the right starting position, and set the on/off switch to off.

For more information on Honda Engines, please read the description below, and visit us at

7. How to setup the Trash pump and First start

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In this video I will show you


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8. how to change honda wb30X water seal


9. honda wb20xt semi trash pump repair

my trash pump quit pumpin so let's have a look....

10. Proper Water Pump Removal & maintenance

This shows you how to remove a pump impeller the right way along with other good tips. This is a complete pump and air compressor pulley removal for all 3hp to 6.5hp motors.

11. EASILY Fix Your Honda Water Pump that is NOT Pumping

In "The Stuhl Sample" another hilariously informative how-to video, Taryl shows us how to properly install a shim washer on a Honda Water Pump. It may take a few tries with different shim sizes until you find the right one that works without it rubbing, but Taryl shows you what to do and how to get the job done right. Make sure you wash your hands before your dinner on THIS how-to on how to fix a non-pumping water pump! Be sure to 'Like' us on FaceBook and Subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates and info!

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12. NorthStar Semi-Trash Pump - 2in. Ports, 10,010 GPH, 5/8in. Solids Capacity, 160cc Honda GX160 Engine

NorthStar(R)'s semi-trash pump has a quiet and dependable 160cc Honda GX160 engine and silicon carbide mechanical seals that resist corrosion, wear and heat better than a standard seal. The long-lasting, high-end silicon carbide seals that are ...

13. Tsurumi 2 Honda trash pump low suction/pressure problem #shorts @machinesnmetal

This little Tsurumi 2 inch water pump had very low suction and pressure. I opened it up to find a bunch of hose seal gaskets had gotten sucked into the pump and we're all wrapped around the impeller 😹


14. Freeing a stuck Honda trash pump

Unclogging a stuck trash pump

15. How to install a rebuild kit in a Honda 2 Pump

I show how to rebuild my Honda pump. This video didnt quite turn out right but it shows the basics of installing the rebuild kit.

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