Honda Wb20xt Trash Pump Parts

Honda Wb20xt Trash Pump Parts

1. how to change honda water pump water seal and impeller

#honda water pump #wb20xt#wb30x

2. honda wb20xt semi trash pump repair

my trash pump quit pumpin so let's have a look....

3. how to change honda wb30X water seal


4. Honda WB20XT pump

Rich reviews Honda's WB20XT transfer pump

5. Honda wb20xt semi trash pump repair#2

looked at did some stuff and test.

6. How to install a rebuild kit in a Honda 2 Pump

I show how to rebuild my Honda pump. This video didnt quite turn out right but it shows the basics of installing the rebuild kit.

7. Water Pump Repair - Loose Bolts from Factory

Water Pump Repair - Loose Bolts from Factory

I like these little pumps a lot. They are very affordable, and in the instance that you have to work on them, they are super simple. Unfortunately, I had to do some work on this one.

It was leaking, and making that grinding noise before it quit. Come to find all the bolts holding the housing to the engine were loose, and 2/4 had backed out entirely, jamming up the impeller. I could not put them back in due to the thread getting marred, but was able to tighten down the other two and the pump ran great for well over an hour after that.

I checked the bolts on the other pump, which was actually leaking even worse, and they were all tight, so that one is a mystery. I snugged one or two of them, maybe a 1/4 turn. But it seems the leaking is less now, so maybe there was just a seal in there that needed to seat properly. Ultimately, I little leak is not an issue, so long as the bolts are all properly tight.

8. Freeing a stuck Honda trash pump

Unclogging a stuck trash pump

9. Honda Water Pump (WB20XT) - Unboxing and first use

In this video I set up and use a Honda 2 inch water pump (also called a trash pump) for the first time.

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0:00 Intro
1:57 Unboxing
8:24 First Use
12:05 Adding hose
14:44 Emptying pond

10. Honda Water pump repair and restore Part 1

Repairing and restoring a neglected Honda trash water pump

11. Honda Trash Pumps - WT20 & WT30

12. Honda WT20X 2 Heavy Duty Gas Powered Water Trash Pump

13. EASILY Fix Your Honda Water Pump that is NOT Pumping

In "The Stuhl Sample" another hilariously informative how-to video, Taryl shows us how to properly install a shim washer on a Honda Water Pump. It may take a few tries with different shim sizes until you find the right one that works without it rubbing, but Taryl shows you what to do and how to get the job done right. Make sure you wash your hands before your dinner on THIS how-to on how to fix a non-pumping water pump! Be sure to 'Like' us on FaceBook and Subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates and info!

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14. Honda WB20 - Petrol Engine Pump in action

The WB Water Pumps are self-priming, centrifugal pumps with Honda 4 stroke petrol engines, from the Honda Power Equipment range.

All models have carbon ceramic mechanical seals and lightweight, aluminium pump housings, to assist portability. For increased abrasion resistance, they have cast iron volutes and impellers.

These materials ensure maximum durability for the pumping of clear and black water as found on building sites. All models are housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frame which has anti-vibration mounts fitted.

They are fitted with oil alerts, to protect the engines from misuse. These highly popular pumps are used by Utilities and are found regularly on hire fleets.

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15. How to fix Honda WB20XT Water Pump that won't start | GX120

How to fix Honda WB20XT Water Pump that won't start | GX120
by just cleaning the carburetor.

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