How Many Elements Are There In Skylanders

How Many Elements Are There In Skylanders

1. The Elements | Skylands Dictionary | Skylanders Terminology

This week's question: What are the Elements in Skylanders?

Welcome to the Skylands Dictionary series. This series focuses a bit more on education than entertainment. These videos explaining terminology used in and around the Skylanders franchise will be added to the Skylanders Character List website in the Getting Started section.

2. Well would you look at that. #shorts #skylanders #clevelandbrown

3. Skylander FACTS.

Some things just can’t be denied.
Skylanders will live forever.
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4. all skylanders from all elements

all elements and skylanders grouped together

5. Skylanders Unsolved Mysteries Dark and Light Elements

That's right a unsolved mystery of Skylands. We not start this series off with the most mysterious thing in Skylands. The Dark and Light element. How did they get here or were they always here and whipped from history.

6. What happened to Skylanders Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team, SuperChargers, Imaginators...

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7. Rating skylanders elements with memes

8. The Best and Worst Elements in Each Skylanders Games

Today I looked at my favorite and least favorite elements in the Skylanders Games, everything stated in this video is my opinion.

Thank you all for 250+ subs means the world to me.

9. Ranking Every Elemental Gate In Skylanders From Worst to Best

Today we spend a concerning amount of time ranking elemental gates.

10. How much does it cost to complete your Skylanders collection today

Don't forget to comment below video ideas relating to Skylanders you would like to see me do!

11. Skylanders elements in a nutshell. (ft Krypt Krusher)

Krypt Krusher:

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12. Rating All Skylanders Giants Characters! #shorts

SKYLANDERS!!!! #skylanders #short #youtubeshorts


Whoever owned this first got her to level 5 lol… time to get her to 20!
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14. Evolution Of The Tech Giant From SKYLANDERS GIANTS!!

In today's #shortssunday we're looking into the evolution of the Tech Giant from Skylanders Giants. There is a ton of interesting things about Bouncer's development, and I can't wait for you all to find out more about this LEGENDARY character! I hope you enjoy! :)
#igknightthefire #skylanders

15. Ranking all the Skylanders games with memes #skylanders #skylandersimaginators

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