How To Replace Valve Seats

How To Replace Valve Seats

1. How to Install Valve Seats and Get Proper Press Fit

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny shows you the steps to properly install new valve seats. He also stresses the importance of having the right press fit in order to avoid dropping seats.
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2. Few People Know How To Cut And Replace Head Valve Seats And Guides | Amazing Work

In this video you gonna see how to replace small engine head valve seats and guides.

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3. Do We EVER Grind Valve Seats These Days

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Today we're working on a set of Blueprint Engines Aluminum SBC heads that a customer brought into our shop for any necessary machining & rebuild with new components.

We had very little history on the heads, but we made do.

In 2023, you might not think that valve grinding stones have their place; but this is a perfect example of where the stones still make sense even when you have a Serdi 4.5 sitting right around the corner!

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Machining counter bores and installing exhaust valve seats in FORD 351 CLEVELAND heads.

5. Valve Seat Install

6. installing valve seals WITHOUT expensive tools (1.8t volkswagen audi)

When you’re putting valves back together and it’s time to put the tablets back on the ends of the valves it can be a little tricky, I’ve made some special tools out of all PVC pipes that help me compress the springs so I can take the valve tablets stick them to a screwdriver using grease. When you have all the right tools the job goes together real nice and easy.

7. How To Fix A Valve Seat on a Small Engine - With Taryl

In "Taryl All Over The World", another hilarious yet informative how-to video, Taryl scours the earth for a used head for a customer before showing us how to properly stake back in a valve seat. Be sure to check out the video for more. And There's your dinner!

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Extracción del asiento de la válvula de la culata del motor.
The video is created under Creative Commons Attribution license.
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Демонтиране на седла на клапани,
Démontage du siège de la valve de la tête du moteur,
Demontáž sedla ventilu hlavy motoru,
Afmontering af motorhovedventilsæde,
Motorkop klepzitting verwijderen,
Mootori peaklapi istme eemaldamine,
Dépose du siège de soupape de culasse du moteur,
ძრავის სარქვლის სავარძლის მოცილება,
Ausbau des Motorkopfventilsitzes,
Αφαίρεση έδρας βαλβίδας κεφαλής κινητήρα,
इंजन हेड वाल्व सीट हटाना,
Motorfejszelep-ülés eltávolítása,
Rimozione della sede della valvola della testata motore,
Engine Head Valve Jok mbusak,
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엔진 헤드 밸브 시트 제거,
Dzinēja galvas vārsta sēdekļa noņemšana,
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Fjerning av motorhodeventilsete,
Demontaż gniazda zaworu głowicy silnika,
Remoção da sede da válvula do cabeçote do motor,
Demontarea scaunului supapei capului motorului,
Снятие седла клапана головки двигателя,
Уклањање седишта вентила главе мотора,
Demontáž sedla ventilu hlavy motora,
Odstranitev sedeža ventila glave motorja,
Desmontaje del asiento de la válvula de la culata del motor,
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9. Small valve seat removal


10. #SHORTS Removing Old Valve Seats With An Everlast 255EXT @JAMSIONLINE

There are many different options when removing old valve seats for replacement. Our go-to has always been using our MIG welder and welding a freeze plug into the seat & tapping it out from the other side.

My new Everlast PowerTig 255EXT made this SUCH a breeze compared to the MIG welder or cutting the old seats out, and with no splatter!

Learning to TIG will be a challenge, but I'm up for it and I'm excited to be a part of the #weldmeanweldgreen community!

Interested in purchasing a welder? Use my affiliate link (Commisions Earned) below:

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11. Engine Building 101 How To Replace Valve Seals

How to replace valve stem seals on a set of Dart Iron Eagle heads with the ribbed valve guides.

Rouch Racing Supplies

12. Do Your Own 3-Angle Valve Seats!

In this video we cover how to do your own 3-angle valve job on a Mopar Slant 6 head, but really it's the same for any engine, from a lawnmower to a big block. Doing your own valve seats really is no more expensive than having a shop do them, and with the quality I see out of machine shops today, I trust my own work far more than theirs.


Source for Neway tools (not sponsored or affiliated):

For a slant 6, I ordered Part #'s CU234 and CU205
If you have a different application, the size guidelines are here:

Marking fluid:
Lapping compound:
Lapping tool:

13. #shorts Installing Hard Valve Seats In A Set Of FE Ford Cylinder Heads

Installing hard seats in some FE heads!

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14. Making and replacement of valve seat. The cylinder head from Honda 450cc - Foreman 450 - TRX 450 S

This video shows - step by step - making and replacement of valve seat.
Material for the new valve seat - 42CrMo4+QT
. . . for more interesting videos click ,, HERE "

15. How to remove Valve seats with welding without seat cutters

Few People know, How to remove Valve seats with welding without seat cutters.
Easy way to remove cylinder head valve seats safely without seat cutting machine and cutters with no any damages.
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