How To Replace Valve Stem Core

How To Replace Valve Stem Core

1. How To Use A Four Way Tire Valve Tool - Valve Stem Core Replacement

Schraeder Valve Replacement . How To Fix a Leaky Tire Valve Stem . How To Use A Four Way Tool .. How To Replace A Tire Valve Core . Bicycle . Car . Wheel . Shrader . Schrader

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Here is my how to fix a tire valve stem core. On my 2004 BMW 325i. The valve stem core was broken and leaking air. I simply drove to Auto Zone, and purchased this Slime Tire Tackle Kit for $5.46. Drove to the pump at the nearest gas station and fixed it right there. Hope this video helps!

3. DIY tool to remove your valve stem core #cars #auto #mechanic #diy #tires #wheels #fixed

4. VC-1 Valve Core Tool

More info:

A small, handy tool designed to remove and install Schrader and Presta valve cores and to remove and install Presta valve extenders with 5mm wrench flats.

Note: Not all Presta valve cores are removable.

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What’s up guys today we are working on a leaking tire valve, and we are going to replace this valve without removing the tire from the rim, this is especially handy for doing a valve stem repair out in the field. This method works great for ATVs that are used heavily in the woods were sticks and stones may break the valve stem clean off, works great for lawnmowers and automotive tires as well this will not work for TPMS equipped vehicles that have the sensor in the valve stem hole

6. Tire Valve Core Change

Today I'm going to show you how to change out your troublesome tire valve core. You know you have a tire valve core problem when you can't get air into your tires or you can't get air out of your tires. Having the right amount of air pressure in your tires are essential to a safe drive to anywhere.
Usually it's a hassle to go to a tire shop and will cost your some $$. You can easily and quickly change it out.

7. Tire Valve Core Replacment (Slow Leak Fix)


My apologies for the sarcastic voice over. Had a problem using the Mic/ PC and it was my 3rd voice over and i didn't think it was going to even work! But it did... so i am using it!



Meets Tire and Rim Association (TRA) recommended torque values of 3” to 5” lbs.

8. How to Replace a Tire Valve Stem Yourself at Home with Simple Tools

This is my entry for the Cardone Video Contest on How to replace a leaky valve stem yourself at home without going to a tire shop. If you like this video please go over to and vote it up. If I win I get $5,000 (Time for a Picoscope and a real scan tool!)

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9. How To Replace a Clogged or Bent Presta Valve Core on a Tubeless Tire in 2022 (UPDATED!)

In this video, you'll learn how to replace a clogged, bent or broken presta valve core. In addition, you'll see what tools are needed and how to use each of the various types of valve core removal tools. There's also an example of a perfectly working presta valve for reference. This video applies to most road bikes, gravel bike and mountain bikes.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comment section and I'll be happy to do what I can to help! - Mark

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---- Valve Core Tools and New Valve Cores ----
Stan's NoTubes Core Remover Tool:
20 Piece Presta Valve Core Replacement:
VANICE Presta Valve Core with Remover Tool:
VANICE Presta Valve Core Removal tool and Core Kit:

----- Cameras and Gear Used to Shoot This Video -----
Sony A6600:
Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar T FE F4 ZA OSS E-Mount Lens:
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FEELWORLD FW568 V2 5.5 inch DSLR Camera Field Monitor:
RØDE Microphones GO II Wireless Microphone System:
RØDE VideoMic NTG Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone:
Neewer Ring Light Kit:

Time Codes
0:00 Intro
0:16 How Do I Know It's Clogged
1:15 Tools Needed
1:47 Removing The Valve Core
3:40 Installing A New Valve Core
4:14 Properly Working Valve Core
4:28 Summary

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10. How do you take a valve stem out of a tire without a valve stem tool

11. DIY: Valve Core Clean/Replace Easy Peezy #bikeshop #bikeshoplife #bikelife #bikemaintenance

Here is another Toolbox Topic Quick Tip; through axles. Super easy once you know what to do.

12. REMOVE schrader “valve core” with pliers (tire valve stem core)

They make a special tool to remove these valve cores. If you don’t have one, a pair of needle-nose pliers can also work. **************************************************

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13. How to change tyre valve stem core

How to change tire valve stem core.
First jack up your car to take the load of the tyre so you do not break the seal where the tyre meets the rim.
Remove valve cap.
Insert a valve stem removal tool or a slotted metal valve cap adn screw anticlockwise.
Remove valve stem core.
Insert new valve stem core and tighten clockwise.
Now inflate tyre.
Place some saliva over the valve and check that it is not leaking. If there is air leakage the saliva will bubble.
Screw on valve cap.
Release and remove the jack and your done.

14. How To Replace A Tire Valve Stem Without Removing The Tire

Step by step instructions using basic tools to remove and replace your wheels valve stems. Link to tool below! #bronco #valvestem #wheels

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Tool Link:

AME INTL Quick Valve Change Tool

Other Options:

Quick Valve Change Tool

Laser LAS5540 5540 Tyre Valve Tool Set 3pc
(No stems included)


B'laster 16-SL Industrial Strength Silicone Lubricant - 11-Ounces

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15. Fix a Leaking Tire Valve - FOUR Ways to Fix!

Four common fixes for leaks in or around tire valve stems and cores.

The tyre tool is available here for less than £2.50!

00:01 Intro
01:48 Tools
02:49 Fix1
03:24 Fix2
04:23 Fix3
06:14 Fix4
09:09 Final words

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