Joseph Smith Prophet Of The Restoration Movie

Joseph Smith Prophet Of The Restoration Movie

1. Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (2005 Original Cut)

This is a biopic of Joseph Smith, book-ended and with occasional editorial comment coming from an Englishman and his adult daughter, a Mormon convert, traveling up the Mississippi to Nauvoo the day before Joseph's departure to Carthage. As the daughter tells the father about the prophet we are shown prominent scenes from his life. The film culminates in his assassination after the duo have arrived in Nauvoo.

Church leaders and other Latter-day Saints have dreamed of creating a biographical film of Joseph Smith for over thirty years. Though Richard Dutcher's recent quest to create such a film is probably the best-known aborted effort, the LDS Church itself spent a great deal of time and resources in the 1970s pursuing a feature film that could be released in commercial theaters to bring the life of Joseph Smith to a paying public. Robert Bolt was briefly retained, and then for a time all original scripts were accepted on spec. These energies were eventually diverted elsewhere, but the impulse remained, and Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration can be seen as a partial fulfillment of that dream (partial because it is playing in a single, Church-owned cinema rather than in commercial centers across the nation).

The film is the work of longtime collaborators T.C. Christensen and Gary Cook, who also worked together on the recent remake of "The First Vision", called "The Restoration" (2003). The co-directors were aware of the distancing effect of the epic scope of the Church's previous two films shown in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and deliberately sought a more intimate feel in tone, characterization, and even cinematography (the 70mm film stock of Legacy and Testaments was eschewed in favor of Super-35mm, projected digitally on two vertically stacked projectors).

Released for the bicentennial of Joseph Smith's birth, the film was also original in that it was quickly distributed to LDS visitor's centers throughout North America, so that it could gain a wider audience than would be available at Temple Square alone.

However, the film suffered somewhat in its aims as a missionary tool, so in 2011 the film was substantially re-cut with many additional scenes of Joseph Smith added while most of the secondary characters, including the bookend narrative of the English family journeying to Nauvoo, were cut. The hope was that this newer version would be a better introduction for non-Mormons to Joseph Smith.

2. Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

A motion picture about the life and legacy of Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who translated The Book of Mormon. To learn more about Joseph Smith’s history visit:

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3. Joseph Smith First Vision Movie ~ The Restoration

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

4. Ask of God: Joseph Smith’s First Vision

What does it mean to “ask of God”? For a 14-year-old Joseph Smith in 1820, it meant praying to find forgiveness and wisdom. #HearHim

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5. Every Book of Mormon & Bible Video + Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration || SCRIPTURE MEGATHON

0:00 Ask of God
4:43 Moroni Buries the Plates
12:45 1 Nephi 1-2
30:07 1 Nephi 3-5
55:10 1 Nephi 7
1:06:25 1 Nephi 8
1:18:28 1 Nephi 16
1:33:55 1 Nephi 17-18
1:47:58 1 Nephi 18
2:00:00 2 Nephi 1-4
2:13:04 2 Nephi 5
2:20:32 2 Nephi 6-10
2:27:23 2 Nephi 31-32
2:31:42 2 Nephi 33
2:33:11 Jacob 2-3
2:42:20 Jacob 7
2:48:47 Enos
2:54:26 Mosiah 1-5
3:11:27 Mosiah 11-18
3:36:06 Mosiah 27, Alma 36
3:46:26 Alma 17-19
4:08:23 Alma 4-7
4:17:57 Alma 8-15
4:40:07 Alma 31-34
4:58:58 Alma 36-42
5:15:20 The Christ Child
5:32:42 Jesus' Baptism
5:33:19 Jesus Declares He's the Messiah
5:36:35 Jesus Turns Water to Wine
5:39:02 Jesus Casts Out a Devil
5:40:48 Jesus Calls Simon, James, and John
5:42:36 Sermon on the Mount
5:52:54 Jesus Calms the Tempest
5:55:09 Jesus Heals a Woman and Raises Jairus' Daughter
5:59:50 Jesus Tasks the Apostles
6:01:07 Parable of the Sower, Wheat, & Tares
6:07:10 Parable of the Tares Explanation
6:08:23 Jesus Raises the Dead
6:10:44 Jesus Heals the Man by the Pool
6:13:02 Jesus Forgives the Adulterous Woman
6:16:16 Jesus Heals the Paraplegic
6:19:02 A House Divided Cannot Stand
6:24:56 Jesus Meets with Nicodemus
6:30:43 Fish and Loaves
6:33:32 Jesus Walks on Water
6:35:37 Labor for Eternal Life
6:38:04 Jesus Isn't Accepted by His Own
6:42:15 Jesus Heals a Blind Man
6:49:56 A Pearl of Great Price
6:51:39 Jesus is the Christ
6:53:04 Woman at the Well
6:56:58 Jesus will be Crucified
6:58:43 Seventy Times Seven
7:01:51 Lazarus Raised from the Dead
7:09:33 Lilies of the Field
7:13:22 Jesus Loves the Little Children
7:15:53 Parable of the Vineyard
7:20:52 Jesus Enters Jerusalem
7:21:57 His Sheep Know His Voice
7:25:09 Parable of the Lost Sheep
7:27:14 Jesus is the Light of the World
7:31:18 Prodigal Son
7:36:38 Become as Little Children
7:39:37 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
7:41:19 Parable of the Two Sons
7:43:42 Render Unto Caesar
7:44:25 The First and Second Commandment
7:45:58 Widow's Mite
7:46:53 Parable of the Ten Virgins
7:54:18 The Last Supper
8:00:14 The Garden of Gethsemane
8:13:21 The Trial
8:20:51 The Crucifixion
8:26:25 The Resurrection
8:38:00 Feed My Sheep
8:43:35 Acts
9:54:06 Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration
10:55:51 The Restoration Proclamation

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6. The Prophet of The Restoration - Trailer - Click Here to See FULL MOVIE!

#JosephSmith - #RestorationOfTheGospel - #ComeUntoChrist

7. Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration

Tad R. Callister - Through Joseph Smith have been restored all the powers, keys, teachings, and ordinances necessary for salvation and exaltation.

8. Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration FULL MOVIE (2005)


9. Prophet Of The Restoration, Joseph Smith

10. José Smith: El Profeta de la Restauración [Versión 1] (Película Completa)

Una película sobre la historia verdadera del profeta José Smith. Él fue un hombre inspirado y muy humilde, fue un hombre de Dios. La Iglesia hizo dos versiones de esta película. Esta es la primera, y salió en un cine cerca del Templo de Salt Lake.

11. Joseph Smith American Prophet

John Groberg’s remake of this great documentary on America’s produced day prophet of the Lord.

12. Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (1999)

This is not to be mistaken for the feature film of the same title, which premiered at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in December 2005. This is an earlier, completely different film.

This segment contains a review of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ministry, showing that he "has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it" (D&C 135:3).

Begins, like "Last Day at Carthage," with an actor-less depiction of events at Carthage (soundtrack and empty rooms), quickly moving into full action. It goes with John Taylor, writing D&C 135, then flashback into a biopic of Joseph.

13. Emma Smith: My Story (2012) | Full Movie | Katherine Nelson | Patricia Place | Nathan Mitchell

Emma Smith: My Story (2012) | Full Movie | Katherine Nelson | Patricia Place | Nathan Mitchell

Wife of famed Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, Emma Smith reminisces on her life and recounts experiences relating to the birth of Mormonism to her daughter before she dies. Before her death, Emma reflects on her life; beginning with her childhood, up through her final years in Nauvoo. Based on the life of Emma Hale Smith.

Directors: Gary Cook, T.C. Christensen
Writer: Gary Cook
Starring: Katherine Nelson, Patricia Place, Nathan Mitchell, Tayva Patch, Rick Macy

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14. Joseph ~ Prophet of the Restoration, Part 1

This is part one of five for a documentary film based upon the life of Joseph Smith who was divinely called upon to restore the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ despite great personal hardship to do so. He sacrificed everything including his life rather than deny the answer to a simple prayer he made to God as a young 14 yr old boy. I know he is a prophet of God and I love that he made it possible to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ in these days never to be taken from the earth until Jesus Christ comes again to reign in power and love upon the earth.

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15. The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the First Vision, President Russell M. Nelson shares “The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World” at the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York—the site where God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. To learn more, visit

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