Life Drawing Model Jobs Near Me

Life Drawing Model Jobs Near Me

1. What it's really like to be a life drawing model!

I have been working as a life drawing model for artists and art students on and off for a decade in Ireland. I get asked a lot of questions about what I do, especially by people that are curious about doing it themselves. Yes, I have to be fully naked 99 per cent of the time. I filmed this video a few days ago and only got a chance to edit it a few days after. I must clone myself!!!


The background music is Maybe This Time by JR Tundra from the Youtube audio library.



Art is a medium to express your feelings and your thoughts. A good art is something that can tell you what you are trying to say. And through art, you can create a colorful world, art itself is very precious, no one can put value in this world, art can be anyone like drama, dance, music, painting, etc. Through all these arts we Through the mirror of your sorrow, pain, laughter, happiness, and wrong, right, people can tell and spread awareness and through art can perform duty of a good artist and art.

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3. FIGURE MODELING 101: How to Start as a Figure / Life / Art Model | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

My first ever YouTube video! This video should help break down some of my most asked questions I've received on my TikTok and Instagram regarding how to break into the art of Figure Modeling. If you're keen to learn all about becoming an Art Model update, then this video is for you.


00:00 Introduction
00:23 What is Figure Modeling?
01:04 Who can be a Figure Model?
01:53 How to get Modeling gigs?
04:16 How much are Figure Models paid?
04:58 A typical Figure Modeling session.
05:40 What it takes to be a Figure Model.

"Bell, Candle Damper, A (H1).wav" by InspectorJ ( of

4. Easy 3d Drawing / How To Draw Art For Beginners With Marker And Pencil #shorts

Easy Drawing / How To Draw For Beginners #shorts

5. How Life Drawing Made Me a WAY Better Artist

If you're an artist out there who wants to see big improvement, don't sleep on life drawing classes! In this video, Bobby talks about what got him into life drawing and how the skills he learned were game-changing for his career.

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Bobby Chiu:

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✅ Painting in Procreate & Animation in LumaFusion with Nikolai Lockertsen
✅ Book Illustration with Marie-Alice Harel
✅ Foolproof Concept Painting with Airi Pan
✅ Felines with Terryl Whitlatch
✅ Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo
✅ Faery Workout with Iris Compiet
✅ Watercolor Fundamentals with Gonzalo Carcamo
✅ Introduction to Visual Development with Victoria Ying
✅ Visual Development for Television with Chrystin Garland
✅ Drawing Workout with Iain McCaig
✅ Starting Your Journey with Cody Gramstad
✅ 901 Indigo Bleu with Thomas Fluharty
✅ Story Driven Illustrations with Djamila Knopf
...and more!

6. send this to an artist 🥰😂 | #art #drawing #draw #shorts

7. Nude Models Of India | TN Plus

Meet the #women who #pose #nude for the sake of #art and earn a living with more #dignity than you'd think.

These women bare it all in front of a classroom filled with young art students, with nothing but the intention to make ends meet.

The study of #nude subjects in the field of fine arts is considered a necessity as it challenges the artist to translate the #beauty of the human anatomy, depicting the texture of the #skin, shape and contours of the #body and live #expression of the #model.

We bring you a brief insight into the life of these courageous nude models.

It's not #porn it's just their 


#NudeModels #BodyPositive #Art #India #TNPlus #OddJobs

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8. Modeling Tips : How to Become a Life Art Model

Life art modeling is different from posing for a magazine, as life art models aren't really trying to sell anything, but rather they are becoming the vision of an artist. Learn how to trust an artist when doing life art modeling with help from a working model in this free video on modeling tips.

Expert: Karla Ramos
Bio: Karla Ramos is a working model with experience in a wide variety of modeling arenas, including runway, fashion, artistic and abstract.
Filmmaker: Nathan Boehme

9. Mixed Media Still Life Drawing: Art Lesson And Demonstration

This video introduces an Art Assignment perfect for Middle and High School students needing motivation to practice still life drawing. Mixed Media Still Life Drawing adds voice and choice to a "boring" still life!

10. How to Improve Your Figure Drawing: The Fundamentals

My unique approach to the Fundamentals of drawing applied to the figure. If you working on cartooning, anime, manga or character design these type of studies will help all beginners improve! even the most experienced artists can find these live drawings frustrating and is still tough for me! So it shouldn't be a surprise that my Drawing students struggle with it the first few times.

Materials I use…
6B Faber Castell pencil
HB Faber Castell pencil
Cap eraser
#4 blending stick
Ruler (for anchoring lines)
Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm (copyright 1963)

0:00 Intro We draw figures from life
1:10 Figure drawing with instructions
9:08 Seated figure with foreshortened angle (guided)
11:40 Time lapse of male seated figure drawing
13:39 Time lapse of female figure drawing

In my class we start drawing gestures from life. Teaching my students to use the "accuracy tools" on a different subject matter, the figure. This unit follows our unit on portraits.

Let me know how it goes and thanks for joining me!

Email: [email protected]

Music: Imovie collection
Nothing's funner than summer
Inner glow

#How to draw the figure
#gesture drawing
#how to draw
#drawing tutorial
#correct proportions
#figure from life
#homeschool mom
#How to draw a person for beginners

11. Exploring the job of a life model

Sara Santiago is 36 and a life model. A life model is specifically for drawing and painting classes, it's a special breed of art that is primarily nude.

12. My Life, My Job, Wirti My Career: How 10 Simple Drawing Helped Me Succeed

13. My Very Awkward First Time Drawing Models In Art Class (Animation)

Tiny utoober looking for shares, subs and likes! If you've enjoyed this animation, then stick around! I got another great vid idea next :)

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14. My Tymeado Life, My Job, My Career: How 10 Simple Drawing Helped Me Succeed

15. Twins Draw My Life: Life Before YouTube, Modeling Jobs and Basketball

A general look into our personal lives leading up to how we went from SHY introverted kids, to ATHLETES, to MODELS, to youtube CREATORS. More Below↓


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-We do have spinoff videos planned about our move to new york and los angeles, how to get photoshoot ready, and more lifestyle videos about saving and budgeting..can't wait

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