Middle School Woodshop Safety

Middle School Woodshop Safety

1. Safety in the Woodshop

SUBJECT: Building and Furniture Technology

GRADE LEVEL: Grade 10, Grade 11

2. General Safety Rules

3. General Safety in the Woodshop

General Safety for Anacapa Middle School Woodshop

4. Workshop Safety for Kids

I just wanted to share some of the tips and rules I use in the shop when working with my dad. There's a lot of safety things that most people don't usually think about as much with kids, but we don't usually know what we can/can't do in the shop. Hopefully this helps you all when you have younger people in your shop with you. :)

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5. High School Woodshop General Safety

My students will take a safety test after watching this video. Prepare yourself, prepare the machine, check the material, use the machine correctly, deal with the unexpected, and use common sense.

6. Reviving the Wood Shops


Below Skinner Middle School,

"Get your glasses on!"

you'd suspect there's some kind of issue

"Hey, get your glasses on!"

with seeing things.

"Get the glasses out!"

James Duran is no optometrist

"Come on up."

but he is totally obsessed with safety.

"Yeah, but get your glasses on."

"This is outstanding. This is really good work."

who ... wood ... have guessed?

"All right, let's go to work!"

(Saws cut wood)

"Aside from me loving it, my biggest motivation was to get these kids working on wood,"

(Saw cuts wood)

"and working with tools, getting tools in their hands, and it's really successful."

(Grinding, sawing)

Before this...

(Wood shop quiets)

the woodshop at Skinner laid dormant for more than a decade. Duran - a student advisor during that time - would peek down here every so often… and remember.

"I fell in love with woodworking at Lake Junior High School. Many, many years ago. I mean I absolutely fell in love."

Love for technology and changing industries led to more computer labs and fewer shops. Until one day three years ago...

"Our principal here is really amazing."

(Broom brushes against floor)

when there was room for one new elective.

"She really jumped into the idea that the staff had about opening up the shop."

(Sawing wood, sanding wood, drilling wood)

and just as the trades have made a comeback… so too have shops like this.

"I think it'd be really, really special to start bringing the wood shops back into Denver Public Schools. Because we've seen such a positive impact


here on our school with our kids."

There's just something about working with your hands. A freedom to it. Because when you create something, you feel something.

"I like working with wood a lot."
"And it's, it's pretty fun."
"I like how you can be creative in what you make."
"I challenge them to keep going. So, not only do they enjoy the end product, but they also enjoy the process."

Frustration - and patience -

"That's all right, you just gotta keep sanding it."

only deepens the pride of these students and the pride of their teacher in what they've all created, together.

"When they take their projects home, they are so excited. And I love to see it too. I love to see their faces. You know? Makes it all worth it."

For DPS Features I'm Ben McKee.

7. General Shop Safety

This a video explaining safety in a workshop. It is primarily focused on the woodworking and construction shop with multiple users or students. However most of the rules apply to the home shop with only 1 or 2 users.

Students should be completing a study guide along with this video. Check the class web page for the study guide. Be sure to scan your study guide when complete and turn it in as the instructor has directed.

8. TAMU Architecture Woodshop Safety

Prior to students using the woodshop, each person must first pass the safety class. This consists of watching an online safety demonstration video, reading the online safety manual, and correctly answering each question of the safety quiz. Then, once you have signed a user safety agreement, you may begin using the woodshop.

9. Wood Shop Safety Course

Prior to using the Wood Shop DIY area in the Kadena Arts & Crafts center, you'll need to watch this video. Once done, come into the Wood Shop (during open hours—see below) and ask our staff to take the safety course test! After you successfully past that test, you will be "certified" and given a safety course completion card to carry on your person.

So, get comfortable and ready to learn all the ways not to cut your finger off!

🕰 Wood Shop Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Thursday: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday - Sunday: 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed Mondays


Join Steinert High School woodworking teacher, Lee Friedman, in the first of two videos explaining the uses and safety procedures of the tools in the wood shop.

00:15 - Planer/Surfacer
11:22 - Jointer
25:36 - Radial Arm Saw
47:35 - Miter Saw
1:04:31 - Band Saw
1:23:13 - Scroll Saw
1:36:50 - Drill Press

Hamilton Township School District
Mercer County, New Jersey

11. MTHS Shop Safety 1: General Shop Rules

12. NRMS Woodshop Safety for Middle School

SUBJECT: Wood Work/Building and Furniture Technology

GRADE: Grade 9

13. Shop Safety

Marcus, Melchor, Dominic, and Jordan came together to create a video that shows you Shop Safety rules. We had a lot of fun filming and we hope you enjoy.

14. Hand tool introduction and safety

15. General Safety Rules for a High School Wood Shop

This video is about General Safety Rules for a High School Wood Shop

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