Ogt Social Studies Practice Test

Ogt Social Studies Practice Test

1. GED Social Studies Study Guide

This video gives you an overview of the GED Social studies exam section. To get a complete review, check out our GED online prep course: mometrix.com/university/ged/

GED Study Guide: mometrix.com/studyguides/ged/
GED Flashcards: flashcardsecrets.com/ged/
For free GED exam practice questions, go to: mometrix.com/academy/ged-practice-test/

Watch our GED playlist! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqodl38v-H_F-elZiGHQlaeyAebhQgu5U
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00:00 Legislative Branch
6:01 Judicial Branch
15:50 Executive Branch
24:37 Drafting the Constitution
34:28 Manifest Destiny
42:58 Civil War
55:21 Emancipation Proclamation
1:03:34 Industrial Revolution
1:13:33 World War Two

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2. OGT Social Studies Review: Part 1

3. OGT Social Studies: historical review

4. Social Studies Department OGT Skit

Skit the social studies department at Hayes performed for the sophomores before they took the OGT. The skit portrays the teachers acting as the 5 Ohio Graduation Tests fighting against the class of 2009.

5. 5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Acing Multiple Choice Tests

A,B,C,D... which answer is most common on multiple choice questions? Is the old advice to "go with C when in doubt" actually true?

In this video, I'll reveal the answer. Additionally, we'll go over five useful strategies you can use to improve your performance on these types of questions - whether they're on your ACT/SAT/GCSE exams or just on a pop quiz.

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6. FREE GED Science Practice Test 2023!

In this video, we'll go through a FREE GED Science Practice test! Imagine being done with GED science for GOOD! My goal in this video is to get you MUCH closer to doing that!

GED Science Practice Test Pt 2: youtube.com/watch?v=da0CoOmlzdY&t=670s. Thank you 4 watching!

00:00 Intro
1:33 Q1-States of matter, boiling points, melting points
7:36 Q2-Reactions/equations, conservation of mass
18:11 Q3-Standard heats of combustion/mean
29:44 Q4-Punnett squares, genetics
35:16 Q5-Punnett squares, genetics
37:17 Q6-Punnett squares, genetics
38:17 Q7-Photosynthesis
40:38 Q8-Temperature conversion
43:26 Q9-Photosynthesis
48:44 Q10-Center of Universe

1. Which of the following statements is supported by the data in the chart shown at 1:51?
A. Radon has a higher melting point than titanium.
B. Titanium and magnesium are both liquids at room temperature.
C. Titanium, magnesium, sulfur, and radon are all solids at room temperature.
D. Radon is a gas at room temperature

2. H2CO3 molecules are composed of two H atoms, one C atom, and three O atoms. H2O is also composed of H and O, but H2O has two fewer O atoms than carbonic acid does. CO2 molecules are composed of one C atom and two O atoms. Which of the following statements best describes the chemical reaction represented by the equation below?

H2CO3 → H2O + CO2

A. H2O is reacting with CO2 to make H2CO3.
B. H2CO3 is decomposing into H2O and CO2
C. H2CO3 acid is decomposing into pure H2O
D. C atoms were created during the reaction, resulting in more C atoms in the products.

3. The standard heat of combustion is the energy released when a substance undergoes combustion, with excess oxygen at standard conditions. A scientist determined the standard heat of combustion for 5 chemicals in kJ/mol. She lost the data for chemical 4.
The data:
1 = 1167
2 = 3393
3 = 3268
4 = ?
5 = 1527

Mean = 2088.2.

What was the heat of combustion for chemical 4?

Questions 4-6 refer to the following paragraph and diagram shown at 30:00:

The Punnett square shows all the possible combos of alleles for color in offspring pea plants when two-color hybrid pea plants are crossed. A capital P represents the dominant color (purple) allele, while a lowercase p represents the recessive color (white) allele. A combination of two dominant alleles results in a purple phenotype. A combination of a dominant allele and a recessive allele also results in a purple phenotype. However, a combination of two recessive alleles results in a white phenotype.

One parent’s alleles are seen on the left-hand side of the square, and the other parent’s alleles are seen on the top of the square. The genotypes of the offspring are shown in the boxes.

4. To only grow purple pea plants, which genotype would you NOTwant?
A. Pp
B. pP
C. pp

5. What is the probability that the offspring will be white?
A .25
B .50
C .75
D 1.00

6. What is the probability that the offspring will be purple?
A .25
B .50
C .75
D 1.00

7. Below is the chemical equation for photosynthesis in plants (shown at 38:32).

6CO2 + 6H2O reacts in the presence of light to yield C6H12O6 + 6O2

Which of the following is correct?
A. H2O and CO2 are produced
B. Sugar and O are the reactants
C. CO2 and H2O are the reactants
D. Light energy is not involved

8. The data below represents the highest daily temp in Hawaii measured over a 4 day period in degrees F.
Day 1: 86
Day 2: 87
Day 3: 87
Day 4: 86

C = (F-32)x5/9

What was the temp on day 3, in degrees C?

9. Which of the following is false based on the info in the diagram?
A. Sugar is synthesized from CO2 and H2O
B. During the Calvin cycle, CO2 is captured and converted into sugar.
C. Light energy is converted into chemical energy that gets stored in sugars.
D. H2O is released as a waste product.

I couldn't fit # 10. Sorry!

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7. Social Studies O.G.T.

A Social Studies O.G,T. film to help you prepare for the Social Studies Portion of the O.G.T

8. Social Studies OGT Video 2014 Steven's Journey

Steven Baxter travels from WhitePlains GA, to Ohio to pass his Social Studies OGT.

9. After OGT March 13, 2013 - Mr. Skinner's Class @ Green High School (Tate Skinner)

Today's Objective:
To solve a system of inequalities by graphing

This video was recorded live in front of a math class at Green High School. Only the example and practice problems have been recorded.

10. Passing the OGT

A video about passing the Social Studies component of the OGT for EDU 514.

11. Social Studies Review Session- January 2014

12. OGT Reading Test

13. OGT Preparation Introduction.wmv

This short introduction helps students log onto and access the Ohio Department of Education's on-line OGT practice.

14. Oklahoma Certification Test Taking Tips and Strategies

15. Social Studies O.G.T

A Social Studies O.G.T problem to help you prepare for the O.G.T's

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