Rose Canyon Vet

Rose Canyon Vet

1. Bullied kid fights back

An Australia boy is an Internet hero after an online video shows him fighting back against a bully. Jeff Glor reports.

2. OUCH! Sickening Shoulder Dislocation At The Beach

Paramedics are needed on the scene to treat a sickening shoulder accident
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Coast Rescue features amazing stories from real life heroes who protect our beaches and oceans.

From shark attacks, to lifeguard rescues and capsized fishermen - these are the thrilling, daring and very real tales from our coastlines.

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3. Family Adopts a New Dog Then Vet Sees It and Calls the Cops

One family decides to adopt and rescue a Tibetan Mastiff puppy. This was their first animal rescue, so everything seemed to be going well. As their first dog rescue, having a new dog was great! The only thing was it wouldn't stop growing. This was a weirdly cute pet you should own, but was it also the cutest exotic pets you can own? But, when the vet saw this dog, she called the police. See what happens next!
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4. Little Dog With No Front Legs Gets The Tiniest Set of Wheels | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Turbo the dog was born without front legs. He had so much trouble walking, and really needed help! His rescuer found a way to get Turbo moving again: a special wheelchair, just for dogs!

Rescued! tells dramatic stories of real-life animal rescues with the happiest endings. Kids and toddlers who love animals will love these real-life stories about hero rescuers saving dogs, cats, pigs and more!

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Check out these crazy moments if it were not filmed, no one would believe!
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6. Grand Canyon Mystery, Geologists Fail to Explain

Grand Canyon Mystery, Geologists Fail to Explain
This is a mystery which has existed for over a century and was first discovered by the famed geologist John Wesley Powell in 1869. Geologists believe that layers of rock are deposited one on top of the other, little by little over time. This means that when we examine the layers in exposed rock faces you should generally be able to see that each successive layer is older than the other with no gaps between them. The thing about the Great Unconformity is that about a billion years of rock appears to be missing between the 3 billion-year-old sediment and the relatively young, 550 million year layers sitting directly on top of this. To add to the mystery the 550 million year strata are just a few million years before the Cambrian Explosion which marked the widespread appearance of complex life on Earth. Let’s dive in and find out more…

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00:00 Introduction
01:03 Unconformities & their discovery
02:36 John Powell's discovery of the Great Unconformity
04:05 What might cause the Great Unconformity?
04:26 Was a supercontinent the cause?
06:22 How are strata formed
07:23 Rapid stratification
07:56 Problems with radiometric dating
08:46 What could affect the dating process
09:55 Cambrian Explosion & Future research

#electricuniverse #plasmauniverse #seethepattern

7. seeing wife face for first time #shorts

seeing wife face for first time #shorts
Please be advised that this page’s videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. The videos on this page include scripted dramas, satires, parodies, magic tricks, pre-recorded videos, and other forms of entertainment. Names, characters and incidents are often the product of the director’s imagination, so any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental. #Shorts

8. Crawfishing, Rose Hippin', Horse Pettin' & Camp Living!

Another camping 'notch in the belt' for the DIY Travel Trailer! In this video we do a little bit of everything. Catching crawfish, foraging for rose hips, kayaking, playing cornhole, meadow golf and a little bit of this that and the other! As always we had an enjoyable trip and hope you enjoy checking it out!
Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions!

And I also want to give a big thank you to the Home Depot Prospective and Ryobi Tools for sponsoring this build!

Here are links to the tools I used in this build:

Ryobi Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Ryobi HP 40V 18" Chainsaw

Ryobi HP 1/2 Impact Wrench

Ryobi Area Lantern w/ USB Charger

Ryobi Spotlight

Ryobi Clamp Fan

Ryobi Hybrid Portable Fan

Ryobi Speaker with Bluetooth and USB charger

Ryobi HP Drill/Driver combo kit that I use on nearly every project!

Music sourced from credits as follows....

Monterey by Pearce Roswell
Feel So Lucky by Cody Francis
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9. HELP..... The Baby Sitter Sister Is A Robot!

Help! My Sister got turned into a Robot by her Brothers Canyon and Az! They really wanted to make some cotton candy but the Babysitter, Savannah would not let them. So, they turned her into a robot with a remote so they could have some cotton Candy! BUT.....she backed into the wall and the switch from a good robot turned into a bad robot!

Welcome to The TANNERITES!
We are a family of 9 (Mom, Dad, and 7 kids) who love to experience the best of life through spontaneous adventures, being positive about life's difficulties, loving and serving others, and BEATING Cancer!

Music by: Epidemic Sound

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#youareworthit #robot
HELP..... The Baby Sitter Sister Is A Robot! RoBoT! Featuring Azbury Tannerites, Savannah Tannerites, and Canyon Tannerites! Savannah is the Robot. Aspen and Bailey directing and behind the camera!

10. Rose Canyon Doodles F1 Goldendoodles Lily 2-2020 Girl Black


11. Robbed and Left for Dead in the Australian Outback | The Ricky Megee Story

In January 2006, Ricky Megee had been offered work in a government department in Port Hedland, Western Australia, and set off on the long drive, which he had made multiple times before. He took the Buntine Highway, which for much of his journey was a desert track across the Australian Outback of the Northern Territory when three men sitting on the roadside, had run out of gas. He offered to give one of them a lift and later recalled feeling increasingly "dazed and confused", and then blacked out before he recovered consciousness hours later. He later awoke in their camp and was drugged again and passed out.

When he regained consciousness, he was in a hole, covered in black plastic, which had had some rocks and dirt thrown on top" and only the attempts by four[dingoes to claw him woke him up. Ricky woke up to unfamiliar terrain, with no food and water, in the middle of the Australian Outback Desert, with no rescue in sight.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 The Australian Outback
2:00 The Ricky Megee Story
21:33 Rescue and Aftermath
25:13 Conclusion/Survival Tips

Much of this video is sourced and re-read from Ricky Megee's book, "Left For Dead - How I Survived 71 Days Lost in Desert Hell"

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Music by Scott Buckley "Omega"

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12. Cops Pull Over Hells Angels - Watch What Happens Next!

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For more than a decade, Tommy Baker has led a group of week-end bikers on rides literally all across America. Along the way, he decided they should call themselves "The Ice Cream Men From Hell." He designed a patch and gave the 'colors' to the riders he thought were worthy. They weren't an official Motorcycle Club, but maybe - one day - they'll try. That day has finally arrived. Baker put together the quintessential biker journey - a biker boot camp - to see if he and his buddies had what it takes to be a real Motorcycle Club - an M.C. - an American M.C. Getting seventeen men, from all walks of life and three states together is the first mission - and it doesn't go smoothly. Once they do all meet up and start riding together - five minutes in, one of them goes down.

Let us know if you’ll be streaming American MC at home and what you think about the events that unfold for Tommy Baker and the Ice Cream Men From Hell in the comments below.

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13. Hissing Feral Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him | The Dodo Cat Crazy

Rescuer keeps getting bitten to win the love of a feral cat.

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14. Family takes photo wife files for divorce after seeing this detail

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15. Taking our new puppy to the hospital.. (Stranger drops him on his back)

So this day was a sad day... and this vlog was super unexpected! This video was supposed to be just a fun day with our puppy before we left him for 10 days... but then something went wrong at the doggy park. Our fam was pretty terrified we were going to loose Carl.. so so so glad that wasn't the case. Tiny dogs are so fragile and we've learned now to not let strangers hold him. Love you guys and thanks for your continued support and following along our fam's journey!

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