South Korean Choco Pie

South Korean Choco Pie

1. Handmade Choco Pie Making Master in Korea (White Chocolate Strawberry Jam, Banana, Strawberry)

** Location and pricing information **
Jeonju, Korea
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Handmade Choco Pie 4000 won (3.5 USD)

2. Choco Pie Korean SNACK Showdown Review | Orion vs Lotte

Join me as I host a Choco Pie showdown review between two well known Korean brands Orion vs Lotte✦
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0:00 Intro
1:02 Choco Pie Nosh Facts
3:23 Orion Choco Pie Review
4:45 Lotte Choco Pie Review
6:46 Winner & Nosh Finder Rating

✦ In this episode, I will be reviewing these Orion and Lotte Choco Pies from Korean that I got at a local Asian supermarket ✦

⮕ A choco pie is a snack cake that are two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling and a chocolate covering.

Orion NoshFinder rating 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lotte NoshFinder rating 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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3. Handmade Choco Pies: A Jeonju Specialty!! 수제초코파이 | Jeonju, South Korea

Choco pies are one of the most famous snacks from South Korea – you’d be hard pressed to not find it in your local Asian supermarket as it’s sold in over 60 countries worldwide. With a fascinating history and incredible popularity in even China and North Korea, it’s a must-try Korean snack for anyone who loves sweets and cake.

A couple years after the release of the original Orion choco pie, a bakery in Jeonju thought to make its own version, handmade with a little bit of extra flair of fruit jam and chopped walnuts. Fast forward more than forty years, and there are a tonne of competing stores all making their versions of the now-famous Jeonju-style fresh, handmade choco pies! With such an interesting history and our insatiable need to taste everything delicious, we gather a handful of choco pies from around the Jeonju Hanok Village neighbourhood to see what all the hype’s about. We also find a surprising outlying underdog.

PoongNyeon Bakery 풍년제과
Jeonju Choco Pie 전주초코파이
Chunil Bakery 천일베이커리

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4. Korean Snack Review - 초코파이 (Choco Pie)

The snack that is being introduced in this video is 초코파이 [cho-ko-pa-i].


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5. THE WORLD BEST CHOCOPIE REVIEW | Seoul, South Korea [Yummyflix]

In our fourth video, we did some reviews of all varieties of Chocopies
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6. The Ultimate Korean Choco Pie

If there's one Korean snack food that is probably more loved than anything else it's the Choco Pie. Just about everyone in Korea loves this cake covered in chocolate syrup with a marshmallow filling. It's essentially the same thing we call a Moon Pie in the US.

Recently, one of my students had two boxes of Jeonju's PNB bakery version of the choco pie delivered to class. He said they were famous and was quite pleased he had so many, he kindly gave me one of his choco pies. So in today's video, I give it a go. Could these be the ultimate Korean Choco Pie?

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7. ChoCo Pie South Korea Snack Review.

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8. How Japanese React to Korean Chocopie

I got many gifts from my Korean friend. So, I introduce one of them here. Overall, I like. it. Putting marshmallow in stead of cream is interesting idea. Try it when you have an access to buy one!

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9. Orion Mango Choco-Pie | 100% Veg | 100% Made In India | Made from real Alphonso Mango | #chocopie

Indulge in the delectable combination of OG goodness and fruity summer taste with this vegetarian delight from India - the Mango Choco-Pie by Orion. Made with authentic Alphonso mango filling, this treat is perfect for snacking on a scorching summer day or satisfying your sweet cravings.

Crafted to perfection, this delectable treat features a blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. With real mango and marshmallow filling, encased in a chocolatey exterior, the Mango Choco-pie by Orion is an irresistible treat that you can't afford to miss.

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10. 초코파이 처음 먹어본 영국 아이들의 반응!

지난해 영국 학생들에게 한국 음식과 문화를 소개하며 학생들이 편견 없이 즐기는 모습이 너무 보기 좋았었죠. 그래서 올해는 더 어린 학생들에게 한국 음식을 소개해 보기로 했습니다.
이번 시리즈는 다음 주에도 계속되니 기대 많이 해주세요!!

영상의 모든 출연진을 포함한 스태프 전원은 촬영 이전 코로나19 음성 확진을 받았습니다.
모든 촬영 과정은 정부의 방역 지침에 따라 전문가의 확인을 받아 진행되었습니다.


Last year we had the pleasure of introducing Korean food and culture to some British school kids. They were all so open-minded and had so much fun that we thought this year we'd start them off on Korean food even younger!
The series will be continued next week, so stay tuned!!

Everyone in this video including the crew had a negative COVID-19 test prior to shooting.
All activities were fully risk assessed and monitored in accordance with UK government guidelines.

11. Versus Korea: Korean Moon pie better #versuskorea #moonpie #chocopie

Welcome to the second versus episode!

I will be comparing Moon pie and Orion choco pie!

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12. Korea legendary choco pie famous korean snacks choco pie 초코파이 PHM Family VLog

Pretty Haeun korean kid legendary korean snacks #pinaysakorea#buhaysakorea#koreanfilipinokids#filipinakoreancouple#filipinosakorea#trabahosakorea PHM Family VLog

13. Choco pie asmr / Korean Choco pie / ASMR #yearofyou #southkorea #4k #youtubeshorts #chocolate

Choco pie
Korean choco pie
Korean snacks
Pinay mom in South Korea

14. Choco Pie taste test

#chocopie #koreansnacks

So this week we are taste testing different versions of a classic Korean snack food called a Choco Pie. If it looks familiar, there is a reason.


15. The Process of Making Korean Sweet Orion Choco Pie !!!

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