Spanish Tutor Flyer

Spanish Tutor Flyer

1. Cómo Usar Canva 2023 - Tutorial en Español para Principiantes

Tutorial básico para principiantes de cómo usar Canva en este 2023. Aprende lo que necesitas para crear tus diseños de una forma fácil y sencilla sin necesidad de ser un diseñador profesional. Canva Pro (45 días de prueba gratis):

Algunos links de abajo son links de afiliados, si haces clic y compras en ellos, nosotros podremos ganar una comisión, sin costo extra para ti.

Canva Pro (45 días de prueba gratis):
Registro gratis para Canva:

Curso Arma Tu Canal:

Mi equipo de grabación para YouTube:

2. 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Group Spanish Classes - I Tried Them and It Wasn't Good...

Last month, I was at the library and I saw a flyer for free Spanish classes. I thought that it would be a good idea attend these classes to see if they were helpful for beginners learning Spanish. I noticed a lot of issues regarding the structure of group Spanish classes when I attended these classes. As a result, I thought that it would be a good idea to explain to you all why I don't think that group Spanish classes are a good idea. I hope that this video is helpful and provides some unique insights. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Check out my book on how to learn Spanish here!:

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El mes pasado, estaba en la biblioteca y vi un folleto de clases de español gratis. Pensé que sería una buena idea asistir a estas clases para ver si eran útiles para los principiantes que aprenden español. Noté muchos problemas con respecto a la estructura de las clases grupales de español cuando asistí a estas clases. Por lo tanto, pensé que sería una buena idea explicarles por qué no creo que las clases de español en grupo sean una buena idea. Espero que este video sea útil y proporcione algunas ideas únicas. Como siempre, déjame saber lo que piensas en los comentarios a continuación.

3. Customized Flyers for your Tutoring Business

Create and print customized & professional flyers to market your tutoring business!

4. Echando la hueva on Italki: Spanish (Mexican) expressions with my Mexican tutor

Today it was time for another chat with Andrea. We had an interesting discussion today where we went over a number of topics; we talked about tattoos, education, dressing formally or informally in different jobs and different countries, and we talked about some of the common mexican expressions using the words "huevo" and "pedo"

If you want to book a class with Andrea you can do that in the link bellow. She has been teaching for a while now 660 classes. She offers great conversations and she also helped with one of my assignments a few weeks ago. I recommend her!

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5. The Lowest GPA Someone Got Into Harvard With

I'll edit your college essay! 📝

6. Learning Spanish in 11 Weeks / 10 Min Documentary

The Year Without English is an experiment in travel and language learning to see how much you can learn simply by not speaking English. We're going to go to three more countries: Brazil (Portuguese), Taiwan (Mandarin Chinese) and South Korea (Korean).

For more details on the project, such as an FAQ and additional recordings, check here:

Scott Young:
Vat Jaiswal:

Video Editing and Filming - Vat Jaiswal
Subtitles - Juan Carlos García
Music (used with permission): Spain Drummer - Proud Music; Pimo - Don't Bring Me Down
Special thanks to Benny Lewis, Carlos Novarra García, Laura Lozano and Silvia Peradin

7. LibraryNow for Spanish Speakers

Explore how to engage your bilingual students and families in more than one language, from tutoring services in Spanish to all-Spanish academic resources available on Britannica Escolar.

8. CorelDRAW desde CERO a EXPERTO 1 🦄RÁPIDO🚀

Descargar Practica 1

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Donación Voluntaria PAYPAL:
YAPE (BCP) 921285700

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9. Basic Spanish Lessons: Qué vs Cuál

Learn the difference between Qué and Cuál in this basic Spanish lesson for beginners

FREE Spanish Cheat Sheet:

In your Spanish toolkit you need to know how to use qué vs cuál: what and which

You'll learn the best time to use these verbs in phrases in this beginner lesson

This is useful for conversation, introductions, and greetings

Content ID: 21699848

10. Te enseño a usar Inkscape en 15 minutos (dibujo vectorial)


Recorrido de las herramientas de Inkscape explicando su funcionamiento para hacer dibujos y logos con vectores.

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📺 Twitch:

🦋 Majorariatto website:
🐤 Majorariatto twitter:
▶ Síguelo en Steam:

"Tech Live" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

11. 👶 Adobe ILLUSTRATOR Tutorial en ESPAÑOL básico DESDE CERO 2023 🤴

Tutorial sobre como utilizar illustrator para principiantes, desde el funcionamiento de las ventanas, las herramientas y las capas, hasta el pathfinder, shapefinder, la alineación y mucho más.

👶 Tutoriales basicos desde cero para principiantes 🤴
🎬 Curso de ANIMACIÓN en After effects y Illustrator:

✍WACOM Cintiq pro 13 DTH (CON PANTALLA)💰

❓ TABLETA GRAFICA CON pantalla o SIN pantalla ❓
👶 After effects DESDE CERO 🤴

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12. 👶 Indesign TUTORIAL español BASICO 🤴

En este tutorial vamos a aprender a utilizar adobe indesign en español. Vamos a empezar con lo basico, desde cero, para que cualquier principiante pueda entenderlo paso a paso. Este es el programa con el que redacto mis trabajos en la universidad y está pensado para el diseño editorial. Te recomiendo que visites mis cursos para principiantes donde te enseño a utilizar muchos más programas que pueden complementar el uso de este...

👶 Tutoriales basicos desde cero para principiantes 🤴
🎬 Curso de ANIMACIÓN en After effects y Illustrator:

👶 After effects DESDE CERO:
👶 Illustrator DESDE CERO:

😕 ¿Tenes dudas? ¡No te las guardes! 🤐
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13. Aprende CANVA desde CERO con este Curso Completo 2023

🚨 Conoce Canva: Una aplicación web de diseño gráfico fácil de aprender y de usar (En especial si tomas este curso). ⏬⏬⏬

✅ Aprende más sobre Canva aquí:

🚨 Usa este link para registrarte en Canva:

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14. Italki Spanish conversations - there is no place like home

Today I had yet another chat with Steph, my Colombian tutor. We talked a little bit about my coming home, cancel culture, cooking, and Steph getting married later this year.

If you want to book a class with Stephany you can do that in the link bellow. She has been teaching since 2019, and has completed over 1300 lessons with an average grade of 5.0

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Let's talk about several popular brands that are pronounced differently in Spanish!

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