The Devil And Tom Walker Characters

The Devil And Tom Walker Characters

1. 9th English 1S C3 L6 The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving: Summary and Analysis

The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving: Summary and Analysis

2. The Devil and Tom Walker and Me | A Horror Story

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Story adapted from "The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving.

3. The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving: Summary and Analysis

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María E. Rodríguez as Tom Walker
Orfelina L. as Mrs. Walker
Darelis Díaz as Old Scratch
Herbert as Land-Jobber

Note: María Y Darelis' voices were modified with the audio editor "Audacity", making them male because the original characters are men.

5. The Devil & Tom Walker PT1

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6. The Devil, B

McGee lectures Washington Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker"

7. Tom Walker and Devil MOVIE!

8. 28 Traits of Indian Character by Washington Irving, unabridged audiobook

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction, Travel Fiction, General Fiction, Romance, Short Stories
The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.
Washington IRVING (1783 - 1859)

The Sketch Book was first published in seven numbers/installments in the United States before being published in two volumes in London (1819-1820). The generally enthusiastic reception of Irving's sketches

in England was unusual, since at the time British opinion of American literature was pretty low. Irving's sketches were formally innovative and successful--he is credited by literary historians as being the

first American author to make a living as a professional author. In particular, as Irving explicitly makes reference to in a short essay concluding the second volume of the London edition, his intent was to

create pieces that didn't necessarily hang together as a whole, but which were heterogeneous in nature. Irving's logic was that his miscellany was "written for different humours" and that his end was that

"it should contain something to suit each reader."

Apart from "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - the pieces which made both Irving and The Sketch Book famous - other tales include "Roscoe", "The Broken Heart", "The Art of Book-making", "A

Royal Poet", "The Spectre Bridegroom", "Westminster Abbey", "Little Britain", and "John Bull". His stories were highly influenced by German folktales, with "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" being inspired by a

folktale recorded by Karl Musäus. Stories range from the maudlin (such as "The Wife" and "The Widow and Her Son") to the picaresque ("Little Britain") and the comical ("The Mutability of Literature"), but

the common thread running through The Sketch Book - and a key part of its attraction to readers - is the personality of Irving's pseudonymous narrator, Geoffrey Crayon. Erudite, charming, and never one to

make himself more interesting than his tales, Crayon holds The Sketch Book together through the sheer power of his personality - and Irving would, for the rest of his life, seamlessly enmesh Crayon's persona

with his own public reputation. (Introduction by Wikipedia)
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00 - Preface - Easton
01 - The Author's Account of Himself - Bob Gonzalez
02 - The Voyage - Delmar H Dolbier
03 - Roscoe - Kristin Gjerløw
04 - The Wife - Kristin Gjerløw
05 - Rip Van Winkle - Bob Neufeld
06 - English Writers on America - Pamela Krantz
07 - Rural Life in England - Jean Bascom
08 - The Broken Heart - Mike Pelton
09 - The Art of Book-making - elfpen
10 - A Royal Poet - David Wales
11 - The Country Church - David Wales
12 - The Widow and her Son - NoelBadrian
13 - A Sunday in London - Bob Gonzalez
14 - The Boar's Head Tavern - ToddHW
15 - The Mutability of Literature - Grant Hurlock
16 - Rural Funerals - David Wales
17 - The Inn Kitchen - Bob Gonzalez
18 - The Spectre Bridegroom - Chiquito Crasto
19 - Westminster Abbey - David Wales
20 - Christmas - Easton
21 - The Stage-Coach - Anna Simon
22 - Christmas Eve - Easton Kristen McQuillin
23 - Christmas Day - David Wales
24 - The Christmas Dinner - David Wales
25 - London Antiques - Patti Cunningham
26 - Little Britain - David Wales
27 - Stratford-on-Avon - Pamela Krantz
28 - Traits of Indian Character - Anna Simon
29 - Philip of Pokanoket - L D Hamilton
30 - John Bull - Anna Simon
31 - The Pride of the Village - vikvenom
32 - The Angler - elfpen
33 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Phil Chenevert
34 - L'Envoy - Easton

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9. Read Along The Devil and Tom Walker part 1

Know the characteristics of Romantic literature: it's an easy Google search. We will be spotting those as we read.

10. The Devil and Tom Walker Video Lesson

This is a video lesson for The Devil and Tom Walker. It is meant to be a pre-reading lesson for students of Mrs. Brister's English III and English II Honors classes.

11. The Devil and Tom Walker ... Part I

Heather Nisbet and Courtney Wallin remake the classic tale of the devil and Tom Walker. Be sure to see the extreme bloopers at the end of the movie.

12. The Devil, D

McGee lectures Washington Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker"

13. The Devil, A

McGee lectures Washington Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker"

14. The Devil and Tom Walker - Re-enactment English 11

The Devil and Tom Walker. A re-enactment made for a school Project.

Tom Walker: Nancy Phillips
The Black Woodsman/Devil: Duncan Phillips
The Land Jobber/Filming: Taylor Phillips

15. The Devil and Tom Walker: Summary, Analysis, Discussion

Mr. Mescher gives an in-depth summary to The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving, then analyzes parts of the writing to help students understand more about the story. This video contains vocabulary, plot summary, analysis, and discussion of the story in relation to The Devil and Tom Walker, with an emphasis on how it relates to modern writing.

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