Walgreens Sussex Pharmacy

Walgreens Sussex Pharmacy

1. Pharmacies In The US Are Closing | SHOCKING Reason Why…

Pharmacies In The US Are Closing | SHOCKING Reason Why…

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2. REDI Program Success Story

3. How Visa Gift Card Scams Work

Learning how a scam works will allow you to prevent being a victim of gift card scams.
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5. Seaford Family Pharmacy Shooting

Ofiicer John Capano dies a hero and is honored for his bravery and will be missed so!

6. 24 hours Pharmacy – Greens Chemist (UK) Ltd

Welcome to Greens Chemist (UK) Ltd. Our pharmacy is a fully registered UK Pharmacy and adheres to the standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council. We aim to offer the highest quality of services to all our customers be this online or in-store and any feedback you give us can greatly help us to achieve a better service. Get in touch today.

7. State attorneys general on reproductive rights

Amid the ongoing conservative pushback against abortion access, consequences are taking shape. Walgreens says it will not dispense abortion pills after Republican attorneys general from 20 states threatened legal action. Attorneys general Kathy Jennings of Delaware, Ellen Rosenblum of Oregon and Kris Mayes of Arizona join MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss these recent developments and the urgent fight for reproductive rights.

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#Reproduction #Abortion #ReproductiveRights

8. Michelle Obama and Ellen Drive Around the Warner Bros. Lot

Former First Lady Michelle Obama hasn't driven her own car in years, so Ellen decided to let her get behind the wheel of a golf cart and drive around the Warner Bros. lot!

9. NHS waste millions in unused medications

Millions of pounds are being wasted in unused prescriptions medications in the UK each and every year, with Sussex calculating the waste of up to three million pounds. The story is brought to you by Naomi Herron

10. 11 arrested in pharmacy burglaries

11 arrested in pharmacy burglaries

11. Shoplifting in convenient shop , London

Young and able people stealing / shoplifting from shops . They don’t steal food but drinks which are not necessary for their daily lives .

12. Getting the COVID vaccine at Walmart

Watch the video to find out what you need to know about making an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine through Walmart.

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13. Joe Rogan favors TRUMP, Elon Musk calls out CNN partisanship, Tucker Carlson J6 commentary is LIT

WSJ: Woke employees bully employers to go woke

Rogan says he'd be more likely to vote for Trump than Biden
Elon Musk roasts J6 committee for withholding evidence
Biden's FTC investigation sought Elon Musk’s Internal Communications, Journalist Names
Rogan O'Handley: Prosecutors are required to show defendants ALL possibly-exculpatory evidence
Summary of January 6th findings
They didn't want truth, they wanted revenge
Ken Burns says Tucker Carlson is "rewriting history"
Newsom makes pompous virtue signal about Walgreens, no clear plan
Walgreens, CVS are already fleeing CA and have been for over a year because CA is awful

If we have time:
Chris Rock signals the end of comedian's acceptance of wokeness
Josh Hammer: Conservatives win by zeroing in on family, real conservative values

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14. Prince heirs sue Illinois hospital, Walgreens pharmacy chain over singer's death

Audioburst Video

15. Naked man yelling 'I am God' dragged from California Walgreens

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Jesus has returned to Earth for the second coming, and he can fly a helicopter. At least that's what this naked, raving lunatic wanted stunned shoppers to believe before he was dragged kicking and screaming from a California Walgreens.

From the cell phone video, captured by one witness,it appears the naked man has been at the scene for some time before filming began.

The sinewy man is seen lying face down on the store's linoleum floor, getting up, then lying down again - all the while showing odd declarations of his helicopter-piloting abilities and his divine heritage. And he seems to be having a pretty good time doing it until one customer in a muscle shirt decides to shut down the one-man party.

The video ends just as Mr Muscles drags the guy out. Lucky for him he's in California, 'cos we doubt it would end so politely were Jesus to return as naked nutjob in tribal Pakistan.


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