Westlake Jazz Festival

Westlake Jazz Festival

1. Westlake Jazz Fest 2022

Jazz Fest 2022 - Division Winners

2. Westlake Jazz Festival 2017

MHS Jazz C Band - My Funny Valentine

3. Westlake Jazz Festival

4. Westlake Jazz Festival 2017

Jazz C - Bemsha Swing

5. Westlake High School Lab Jazz at Canyon Jazz Festival 4.27.2019

0:17 Samba dees godda do it
09:14 Abyssinya
15:20 True North
21:30 Gibraltar

6. Westlake Jazz Festival

Video 4

7. Westlake Jazz festival

8. Westlake Jazz Festival 2015

At Westlake High School 5/2/15
Blackbird by Lennon/McCartney arr. Mike Tomaro
Stolen Moments by Oliver Nelson arr. Paul Jennings

9. Westlake Studio Jazz Ensemble - Westlake Jazz Festival 2018

Westlake High School Studio Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Brian Peter performs "Westlake," (by Victor Goins) "Upper Structure," (by Chase Goldman) and "Caribe" (arranged by Matt Harris) at the Westlake High School Jazz Festival 2018. "Westlake" was written exclusively for Studio Jazz Ensemble and given to the high school as a gift by Mr. Goins. The ensemble premiered the chart to the world that night.

10. Westlake High School Lab Jazz - Westlake Jazz Festival

Westlake High School Lab Jazz Band under the direction of Mike Gangemi at the 2013 Westlake Jazz Festival on May 11, 2012

11. Westlake High School Jazz Festival-CMS Jazz 1 4

12. Westlake Jazz Fest 2016

Location: PAC

13. Westlake High School Studio Jazz Big Band - 05.07.2022

Westlake High School Jazz Festival

14. Westlake jazz festival

Video 1

15. Westlake Jazz Festival

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