What Do Slack Adjusters Look Like

What Do Slack Adjusters Look Like

1. Push Rod / Slack Adjuster operation

Push Rod, no more than 1inch of play when the brakes are released.
Slack adjuster should make a 90-degree angle when the brakes are applied.

2. Automatic Slack Adjuster

How to adjust the automatic slack adjuster and maintenance for the automatic slack adjuster.

There are several slack adjusters but here are two of the most common sizes:
Haldex Automatic Slack Adjuster - HAL-40010212 (28 Spline. 6")
HAL-40010211 (28 Spline 5-1/2'':)

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3. How to adjust a slack adjuster

4. How to Replace Slack Adjusters on an Air Brake System

A pretty easy slack adjuster replacement. They don’t all go this easy. I’ve had to cut S-cams to get a slack adjuster off. I’ve had to melt the snap-ring out with a torch as well. There are bushings in the S-cam tubes that should be inspected and replaced. The ones in this truck probably should be replaced and may be replaced in the near future.

**note** I should’ve put grease or anti seize on the S-cam shaft before reinstalling the new slack adjuster. I don’t get it right all the time.

I want to thank the owner of this company for allowing me to record my repair videos. Thanks Boss Man.

Slack adjuster explanation by #bendix

5. Adjusting Automatic Slack Adjusters

In this episode of you should be in our shoes: Our brake specialist Mike Gerrick covers automatic slack adjusters and how to make sure they’re adjusted and functioning properly.

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6. Always grease your Cams and Slack Adjusters

Always grease you Cams and Slack Adjusters to make sure your brakes stay adjusted properly.
Not greasing your Cams and Slacks can cause them to stop working properly, which can result in your brakes coming out of adjustment, huge fines and the government scales, as well as not having any brakes at all.

7. Setting a Manual Slack Adjuster

In this video, Commercial Driving Instructor Dave McIntyre demonstrates how to adjust a manual slack adjuster.

8. How to adjust brakes on a Semi Trailer

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A truck driver adjusting the brakes on a semi truck before going down a steep-grade hill or mountain. This will help truck drivers avoid having their brakes burn out and having to take a runaway ramp.

10. School Bus Inspection: Slack Adjusters and Pushrod

Slack Adjusters and Pushrod Inspection

11. How to adjust your automatic slack adjusters 😂 #trucking #semi #18wheeler #truck

12. 49. Pre-trip – Difference Between Slack Adjuster & Push Rod

My coworker Ron, diesel mechanic and school-bus driver, explains the difference between the slack adjuster and the push rod.

The vehicle used is a 2019 Conventional Style Vision Blue Bird School Bus, in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

13. How to calibrate automatic slack adjusters

Every truck driver should know how an automatic slack adjuster work for drums brakes systems and be able to calibrate it from the cab of his truck. This procedure only takes a few minutes to do and help prevent faster brakes wear. This video will show you the importance of doing it and how to do it.
If you want to know more about heavy vehicule driving training: cftc.qc.ca/circuit

14. How to adjust automatic slack adjuster

Lang Tools 7578 7/16" Automatic Slack Adjuster Wrench

Lang Tools Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench

15. How To Adjust Air Brakes On A Semi Truck

Learn how to do a 6-Pack to adjust the automatic slack adjusters and keep your air brakes within adjustment - watch the video. Air Brake Checklist ► smartdrivetest.com/pass-cdl-air-brakes-checklist

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Unless you're a licensed diesel technician, don't put a wrench on the adjusting nut of an automatic slack adjuster in an air brake system. You don't want to take on the liability. If you find your air brakes are out of adjustment, you can grease the slack adjuster and then do a 6-Pack to bring the automatic slack adjuster back into adjustment on an air brake system.

00:00 - How To Adjust Air Brakes On A Semi Truck
00:23 - Only Certified Technicians Should Adjust Automatic Slack Adjusters
00:57 - Grease the Slack Adjuster
01:32 - Don’t Die in a Fiery Inferno
01:55 - How to do a 6-Pack to Adjust Automatic Slack Adjusters on an Air Brake System
02:38 - The Ratchet Mechanism Inside the Slack Adjuster
04:03 - Recheck Push Rod Travel on the Automatic Slack Adjuster
04:32 - Complete Air Brake Playlist

Good luck on your road test.

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