What Do You Do At Adecco

What Do You Do At Adecco

1. Love what you do at Adecco

Do you #lovewhatyoudo at work? As a career? Whether it's a stepping stone or your dream job, find it at Adecco Canada. adecco.ca/

2. Here’s Why You Should Apply: Fast Hiring Process

Adecco Belleville offers a fast hiring process. We don’t want you to miss out on money on the table and we do everything so you can start working in the same week that you applied.

Adecco Belleville hires for temporary and permanent Manufacturing, industrial, Administrative, Skilled Trades, and Warehousing positions.

Visit us at: bit.ly/Belleville-jobs

3. What We Do - Adecco

Follow Adecco Group Nederland:
Website: adecco.nl/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/adecco/
Facebook: facebook.com/AdeccoNederland
Twitter: twitter.com/AdeccoNL

Watch Woman’s Euro 2017: youtu.be/MwNXPW5sW7I
Watch CEO for 1 Month 2017: youtu.be/ob0z5EWiv5k

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4. Adecco Testimonials

We asked four Adecco Associates from our Bolton Distribution Centre how they feel about working for Adecco.

5. A Day in the Life at an Adecco Branch

What is it like to work in an Adecco branch? Here's what a few of our colleagues had to say!

6. Why do you love working with Adecco at Honda

Find out what it's like to be a part of the Honda family working as an Adecco Associate in the Ohio plant.

7. Welcome to Adecco Canada's Job Fair!

8. Adecco Staffing Introduces Upskilling with Virtual Forklift Training and Certification

At Adecco, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to meet our customer's rising need for skilled forklift drivers and also provide our associates with unique ways to upskill and open the door to new opportunities. Through our Adecco Academy, we now offer our clients a way to safely and efficiently upskill proven warehouse associates with forklift certification using Virtual Reality training.

To learn more contact us at adeccousa.com

9. #EmployersTalk: ADECCO

The #EmployersTalk series is a collection of short clips produced by TDSB Community Services, where employers have the opportunity to talk about their organizations, the hiring process and practices, as well as describe what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. Stay tuned for more videos in the series and much more on the same topic.


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10. Download the Adecco app – Find a job and manage your employment

Download for Apple iOS: apps.apple.com/ca/app/adecco/id1518950579
Download for Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adecco.app20

Ready, set... find your next job!

The Adecco app lets you find work anytime, from any place. Explore vacancies and apply for jobs that match your skills and career goals, right at your fingertips.

Once you’ve found a job, you can organize all your work-related documents and contracts within the app, making it easier for you to manage your employment.It’s really that simple!

+ Personalize your job search experience
You can favourite any opportunities that interest you and set alerts for your dream role, to make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities during your job search. You will receive instant notifications of vacancies as soon as they become available.

+ Chat to the experts
Talk to our advisors to get some real career advice and ask any other questions you might have about your job search. You can use the chatbot in the app or get directly in touch with the Adecco team, 24/7.

+ Apply for jobs through the app
Once you’ve created your profile and uploaded your details, you’ll be in place to apply for the jobs you want, instantly from your mobile or desktop. With your resume, cover letter, and application flow organized, applying for the job you want is simply a swipe away.

+ Powerful workforce management tool
Once you’ve accepted a job and become employed, our app will help you keep your employment documents and contracts in one place. Assignment dates and locations, paystubs, payroll and benefits info, T4 slip – all accessible in the palm of your hand.

Currently, we have great positions open in the following industries for you to explore:
• Accounting & finance
• Call Centre & Customer Service
• Creative & Marketing
• Engineering
• Healthcare & science
• Hospitality
• Human Resources
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Information technology
• Office & Administrative
• Professional & executive
• Retail & sales
• Skilled trades
• Transportation
• Warehousing

Start your job hunt today with the Adecco app. Download it for free, create a profile, upload your resume, and away you go!

• Browse vacancies by job title, description, and location
• Compare job salaries in search results
• Favourite jobs you’re interested in – and browse through them anytime
• Upload your resume to any device
• No CV? Enter your work experience into the app instead
• See all your recent applications, and future job assignments in one place to review and keep track of them
• View the start dates, locations, and reporting managers of all your jobs
• Workforce management - easy access to your paystubs, T4s, and tax info in the app
• If you already have an Adecco account, you can sign-in to the app now
• Update your profile and manage your account either through the app or on desktop

11. Adecco Academy Introduces Virtual Forklift Training and Certification

Teaching and reinforcing best practices in forklift operation is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced warehousing and distribution facilities. Faced with ever-increasing productivity demands and a shortage of skilled labor, you need new ways to attract lift truck operators, and to prepare them as quickly, efficiently, and completely as possible.

The Adecco Foundation and Raymond's Virtual Reality Simulator have teamed together to add VR Forklift training to the Adecco Academy and offer a unique, engaging tool that can simplify everything from hiring to teaching to developing employees for enhanced performance and efficiency.

To learn more contact us at adeccousa.com

12. Welcome to Adecco

13. Find out what it's like working at Honda with Adecco

Picture a new – and better – future. Join us today at Honda and start a career that’s both exciting and financially rewarding. Here, you’ll enjoy the perks of a true automotive leader: competitive wages, weekly paychecks, overtime pay, and PTO. We’re now hiring associates for our teams in assembly, production, and manufacturing.

14. How does a recruitment process work in Adecco

UNIR iTed invites you to visit the Service and Quality Department of Adecco Group. The session is organized under the frame of the European Project Virtual Tours for Business Culture (Erasmus+, 2016-1-IT02-KA203-024195).

The objective of Virtual Tours is to increase the dialogue between Universities, students and Companies in order to promote the career development skills of the students and improve their employability. Financed by the programme Erasmus+ of the European Union, the Project counts on the participation of different European institutions, and has a duration of 24 months. UNIR leads the instructional design and the implementation of the open training course.

Iria Vazquez-Palacios, Director of Service & Quality Department in Adecco Group, and her team, explain how the recruitment processes work in Adecco. They also provide Adecco vision about the most requested skills by the labour market, and how they have changed in the last years.

15. Adecco | The Lemonade Stand: Do you remember your first job #LoveWhatYouDo

Did you ever set up a lemonade stand when you were a kid? Do you remember how excited you were when you got your first customer?

Even though you learned that work can be hard, you also learned it can be really rewarding.

Watch as we gave this group of kids their very first job...ever. They worked together, found that they were able to create something pretty cool, and had a great time doing it. It reminds us why loving what you do is so important.

So, how will you make work fun again? Tell us in the comments. #LoveWhatYouDo

Learn more about how to Love What You Do: adeccousa.com/


Montage of kids thinking…

VO: We asked kids from different neighborhoods what they thought about work.

Angel: I think work is boring.

Sophie: I don’t like it.

Peter: I think work is bad.

Montage of getting ready…

VO: And then we gave each one of them their first job. Ever.

Entering house, getting out lemons and squeezing them.

Lily: It is very hard… because I’m like **squeeze**, I’m like **squeeze**

Kids squeezing lemons.

Sophie tastes the lemonade. She makes a face.

Zola: Sour—somebody taste it.

Sophie: I will taste it, I will taste it.

Tasting lemon juice.

Angel dumps in sugar.

Peter: How much sugar do we put in?

Zola: That’s tooooooo much!

Sophie: I had no clue how to really make lemonade, and then we kinda just figured it out together.

Zola pours lemonade into pitcher.

Zola tastes lemonade.

Angel: Ooh.

Zola: Oh my gosh.

Zola’s surprised face.

VO: They solved problems…

Sophie tastes the lemonade.

Peter: Let me try…

Sophie: That’s pretty good!

Angel, Peter, and Sophie make signs.

VO: …and created new products.

Peter and Angel play tag.

Peter: I’m not it!

Bringing out lemonade, setting up table.

Angel: I know I’m gonna get customers…’cause I got swag.

Waiting around, bored and disappointed.

VO: They learned that work can be hard.

Advertising lemonade.

Lily: If nobody bought the lemonade I would feel sad.

Zola holds up sign.

Zola: Get a free cookie! Come on!

Lily notices a customer.

Sophie: Oh a customer!

Lily: Oh a customer!

First customer approaches.

VO: But hard work…

Customer 1 puts money in the cash box.

Customer 1: Money in here?

Peter: Yeah, right in here!

Close on lemonade in cup.

VO: can turn into something…sweet…

Customer 2 reacts to the lemonade.

Customer 2: Oh it is good!

Sophie: Fresh squeezed lemonade!


VO:…and can be something you love.

Celebrations, customer 3 gets a cookie, more celebrations.

Lily: We got five dollars, guys!

Zola: We already got five dollars!

Customer 3: Very good.


Lily: I didn’t think that it would be this fun, but it was.


Natural sound of cheering.


VO: How will you make work more fun?

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